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Make, do and vend

— San Francisco


San Francisco may be small in size, but it has always had big ambition. Now it’s leading the way by putting small manufacturers and retailers at the heart of its urban agenda.

Kate Sofis, Mark Dwight, MatoCreative, San Francisco

After remarking on the charm of its steep streets, Pacific Ocean setting and ethereal foggy climate, first-time visitors to San Francisco are quick to point out how surprised they are by its scale. For a city that rivals New York and LA for brand appeal, it is comparatively small in size and population – around 800,000 inhabitants perch on more than 50 hills in a 121 sq km area.

For such a small city, a lot has happened here. It was the hub of the Californian Gold Rush – a plot of land that cost $16 in 1847 would sell for $45,000 two years later…


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