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School textbooks have come a long way since the dry and fusty tomes of yesteryear. Innovations such as digital editions, 3D simulations and role-playing adventure books are making learning easier – and more fun.

Ally McBeal, CSI, Daejeon, Lebanon, Librairie Orientale

We’re mostly fans of the textbooks of our youth (some youths are further away than others, but none were on papyrus, put it that way) and even the books that struck fear into us then can be remembered fondly now. But the media of education is changing: laptops and tablets are common in many classrooms and headteachers are realising that if they can’t force their charges to ditch their smart-phones in class, they might as well download some lessons onto them – a Latin vocab app might sound like the perfect punchline to a common-room joke, but it…


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