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Inventory No. 46

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The Monocle shopping list this month contains the perfect birdhouse, a creamy artisan-crafted beer and earphones that stay where they’re supposed to.

Ask Alice, Elecom, Karen Chekerdjian, Notanotherbill, Otsuka, September

  1. Piu/birdhouse
    When German designer Olaf Kiessling moved into his new home, a hunt for the perfect birdhouse for his garden proved unfruitful. He took matters into his own hands and the result is an impeccable steel and aluminum Vogelhaus – that doubles as a bird feeder – certain parts of which are produced by disabled craftsmen in Germany and Switzerland. It’s the ideal shelter for finches, nuthatches and other small birds.
  2. Oiseau/book chair
    Designer Kana Nakanishi has created an outdoor doodling kit for kids. Made of Japanese…

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