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— Tokyo


Take two retail visionaries, one Tokyo store space and one great idea, and you’ve got the Good Design Shop, a concept store made to change the way people consume.

Good Design Shop, Nagaoka, Rei Kawakubo, Tokyo

Late last year, Rei Kawakubo, the creative mama-san of Comme des Garçons, had an idea for a concept shop that would highlight long-lasting design. A space became available on the same floor as the fashion brand’s shop in the Gyre building in Tokyo’s Omotesando district and Kawakubo knew who to call: Kenmei Nagaoka, founder of D&Department Project and critic of throwaway culture.

In late July, the two launched their Good Design Shop. At first glance, it’s a seemingly incongruous pairing. D&Department’s section resembles a warehouse, with lab beakers…


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