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Food & Drink

The big Blue

— Sydney


A trio of surfer buddies are making waves dishing up fresh, tasty fare near Bronte beach. Meet the Three Blue Ducks.

Mark Labrooy, Recipes, Recycled, Three Blue Duck

“We built this place ourselves,” says Mark Labrooy of Sydney’s latest breakfast hotspot, a few blocks from the surf in beachside Bronte. “Everything is recycled or secondhand, and we grow our own tomatoes and herbs out the back. We want to be as low-impact as possible.”

Labrooy, 30, first met up with co-owners Sam Reid-Boquist, 25, and Chris Sorrell, 29, on a surfing holiday. “There we were sitting around on a beach in Morocco, complaining about the ‘evil multinationals,” recalls Labrooy, as he cuts metre-long mats of golden Turkish bread into…


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