Monocle’s masterplan

Key issues and improvements for the interim government


Improve transport links

Egypt’s traffic-snarled road network stifles productivity, so a major upgrade is necessary.


Get tourism back on its feet

The tourism industry is Egypt’s biggest foreign exchange earner, but has stumbled since the uprising.


Stamp out corruption

Trials of former regime fraudsters are a good start, but confidence must be rebuilt from top to bottom.


Get out of Cairo

Coloquially Egyptians use the same Arabic word for their country as they do for their capital; it’s time other cities became centres of growth.


Encourage the diaspora

Egyptians around the world have the money, contacts and ideas to help rebuild their country.


Start saving water 

Egypt needs more water to expand both industry and agriculture, but levels of waste are shocking.


Support small business

A wealth of skill and potential lies in the nation’s vast informal and small business sector.


Exploit regional support

Egypt once led the region and it could do so again, but only with help from new allies such as Turkey.


Announce a concrete timetable for transition

The military junta needs to state clearly when and how a civilian government will take power.

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