Jonathan Wakeham

Co-founder, LoCo


The first LoCo London Comedy Film Festival runs 26-29 January – the most depressing time of the year by common belief. Co-founder Jonathan Wakeham shares his tricks to beat the winter gloom.

How did you come up with the idea for LoCo?
Our director Denise Hicks and I share a conviction that comedy is under-appreciated despite its commercial success. Comedy is the most popular genre at the UK box office but rarely features in awards nominations; it’s absurd that some of the great comedians never won an Oscar for comedy.

Tell us more about the programme.
Our first annual ‘LoCo Hero’ is Edgar Wright, who’s presenting a double bill of Shaun Of The Dead and Life Is Sweet. And we’re closing with a world premiere reading of The Day Off, the legendary lost script for Tony Hancock, plus an on-stage interview with Galton and Simpson and our School of Slapstick for kids.

The funniest film you’ve seen recently?
At LFF I loved Morten Tyldum’s adaptation of Jo Nesbø’s Headhunters, a fantastically violent comedy thriller. And I liked the Woody Allen season at the British Film Institute.

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