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A pioneering art gallery project in Oslo, a Q & A with Brussels-based publisher Andreas Qvist and a sleek new digi-radio.

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Dank (slang for “killing time by doing absolutely nothing” in Norwegian) is the result of the collaborative efforts of three Norwegian students. In 2009, they got inspired by a mutual interest in skateboarding (when they were meant to be studying) and decided to start a bi-annual fanzine with a focus on skating, plus features on art and culture.

Last March the first issue hit the newsstands. “We’ve tried to flip the skateboard magazine genre on its head. We’ve stripped away everything that websites and blogs would inev…


Andreas Qvist



Sweden-born Qvist is the founder and CEO of Newspaper Abroad. Since 2006, the Brussels-based company has printed major titles for expats in Iceland, Thailand and the UK.

Why is there a need for Newspaper Abroad? When we set up a food import business into Belgium and France, the Scandinavian expat community began demanding same-day newspapers from home, so we flew them in. Printing locally was the next step.

How do you identify your readership in each location? Good market management. For example, we know the Swiss visit Spain, Turkey and Thailand. We also know from the publishers where their subscribers are.

What’s in it for the newspaper companies? Very few publishers make profits on their foreign volumes. We print only what customers need. In Belgium we have contracts with the biggest printing company, SYMETA. We wanted to be pioneers.


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