Flag flyers— Poland


Poland’s cluster of aviation companies balances local expertise with heavy foreign investment. Monocle flew in to see the collaboration.

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“That’s 70 million bucks,” declares Marek Darecki, the president of Polish aerospace company, wsk Rzeszów, pointing at a photograph of the day the American firm United Technologies (utc) bought his company in 2002. “The government sold it in a very beautiful way,” he says, “No experiments. No quasi-public ventures. We just went private.”

Shortly after his company was turned over to the US conglomerate, Darecki came up with his region’s success story. “I remember, I was here one winter night in this very office and I thought, ‘How can we make this…

The big five

Poland’s fledgling cluster is a growing venture in comparison to the world’s super-clusters. Five aerospace hubs are responsible for a large part of the world’s aircraft production. These include Toulouse, Montréal, Wichita, Dallas-Fort Worth and Puget Sound/Seattle although their components may come from all around the world. There are other significant global clusters in locations such as São Jose Dos Campos and Shenyang. Niche areas are also found in the Isle of Man, UK and Hamilton in New Zealand.


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