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Inventory No. 51

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Our March round-up of the things floating Monocle’s boat includes retro Swedish headphones, tastebud-tingling Swiss wine and the finest handmade Italian candles.

Bee Station, Candra Kurt, Mad et Len, Nocs, Simon Carter, Sweden

  1. Theory11/Monarch playing cards
    Not all playing cards were created equal. Some are too bendy, some too stiff and others have rude pictures that prevent grandma from joining the game. Theory11 – an online magic company – has designed a set of cards that are both beautiful and functional. Made with the finest quality of paper stock, the cards have a soft feel and sturdy composition with printed hand- drawn illustrations. The box itself is a thing of beauty, with gold foil, evoking a vintage, timeless aesthetic. Just the distraction needed to win the…

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