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Our March round-up of the things floating Monocle’s boat includes retro Swedish headphones, tastebud-tingling Swiss wine and the finest handmade Italian candles.

Bee Station, Candra Kurt, Mad et Len, Nocs, Simon Carter, Sweden

  1. Theory11/Monarch playing cards
    Not all playing cards were created equal. Some are too bendy, some too stiff and others have rude pictures that prevent grandma from joining the game. Theory11 – an online magic company – has designed a set of cards that are both beautiful and functional. Made with the finest quality of paper stock, the cards have a soft feel and sturdy composition with printed hand- drawn illustrations. The box itself is a thing of beauty, with gold foil, evoking a vintage, timeless aesthetic. Just the distraction needed to win the…

Q&A - Jess Grinter & Kitty Spry

Founders, Whileaway


What’s the philosophy behind your guides?
The guides are designed to be more like the diary of a well-travelled friend, impartial and unbiased, offering personal advice based on our team’s experiences. Before we visit, we gather hot tips and recommendations from locals. We choose the featured offerings based on the “feel”. They must feel welcoming, have value for money and capture the region’s mood – something that is just a little bit special.

What is the most attractive city in Australia nowadays – and why?
Hobart, Tasmania, is Australia’s current hotspot and ticking all the boxes for all the right reasons. Attractive physically, culturally and historically, there is something for everyone including the foodies. Nestled at the foot of Mount Wellington on the Derwent River, it is surrounded by luscious land producing gourmet delights – boutique wines, cheeses and apples to name a few (Tassie is not called the “apple isle” for nothing).

What trends are you seeing in Australia?
There is a real trend towards lifestyle changes – people are seeking a more relaxed lifestyle, out of the cities. Australia’s range of diverse landscapes, from beach to bush, means there are options for all personalities to live and travel – most within short distances from home or a quick flight escape. There is a strong push towards food and wine being produced organically, especially those products that are within 100 food miles [160km], lowering their carbon footprint.


  1. The remarkable number of recent bee deaths – dubbed colony collapse disorder – has had scientists scratching their heads. Almost one-third of honey bee colonies are now empty, with remaining bees forced to work overtime. Explanations range from stress to pesticides – the latest suggests the meddling of a parasitic fly that turns bees into “flying zombies”, causing them to leave the hive at night and never return.

  2. A flying shuttle is a machine loom that fomented weaving’s industrialisation.


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