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The hot ticket

— Czech Republic


The Ajeto glassmaking factory makes one-off pieces to commission for artists and designers. Glass master and owner Petr Novotný believes this is the way forward for the industry – not mass production.

Petr Novotný, glass master, glassmaking

Petr Novotný began working with glass as an apprentice at the age of 15. Today he runs one of the Czech Republic’s most celebrated glass studios from the traditional craft hot spot of Nový Bor. His career has spanned communism and capitalism.After 10 years as a master glassblower for Crystalex – Czechoslovakia’s most important export brand during the Iron Curtain years – Novotný collaborated with some of the country’s design icons such as René Roubícek and Stanislav Libenský, who were given unprecedented freedom to exhibit internationally by the…


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