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Friends in high places

— Tokyo


Shared living often means shared cost and lower quality. But in Tokyo, The Share, an innovative scheme offering modest personal spaces linked to sprawling, well-designed communal areas, is attracting a new breed of housemate who is happy to share a little piece of a good thing.

Harajuku, ReBITA, Sora X Niwa FM, N.O.S. productor co

Tsubasa Nishimura is looking a little bleary-eyed after chatting to a new acquaintance in his apartment block until 05.00. “That happens here,” he says. “You come up to the kitchen and there’s always someone to talk to.” Nishimura lives in The Share, a Tokyo development with a difference. It’s part of a movement away from lonely suburban shoeboxes to shared living quarters in the centre of the city. It’s a simple formula offering tenants compact bedrooms with shared laundry and bathroom facilities and a large 24-hour kitchen and lounge area, all…


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