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Some of the most coveted items in the Monocle office this month are the Bruno Swiss-designed bike, the Murano glass Happy Pill vases and leather duffle bags by Beastin.

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  1. Provenance: Tableware
    Provenance emerged last year from a company called Eco Furniture, which has its roots making high-end teak and aluminium furniture in England using recycled materials. “The initial inspiration for the range came from looking at ways to find a use for the smaller offcuts from the furniture business to prevent them from being wasted,” says Robert Smith, who’s behind Provenance with his partners, Nick Powell and Alan Thornton. “The materials used quickly expanded to include recycled glass and renewable cork and, in development…


Gilpin’s botanicals include:

Juniper from Bulgaria
Sage from Italy
Borage from Italy
Lemon peel from Italy
Spanish orange peel bitter
Lime peel from India
Coriander from India
Angelica root from France

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