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Stay in a cottage attached to an izakaya-inspired restaurant in a Portland neighbourhood, discover a curiosity shop run by an airline pilot in Honolulu and eat Portuguese haute cuisine at Belcanto in Lisbon. These are just some of the highlights this month.

Berlin, Honolulu, Lisbon, Madrid, Vancouver



In the up-and-coming Las Salesas district, the Do concept store opened its doors under designer Lucía Ruiz-Rivas, featuring a well-edited range of things for the kitchen, wardrobe and office and displaying an international line-up of designers, such as Kento from Japan and The Medley Institute from Germany. The space, with a café, was designed by Ruiz-Rivas herself and houses exhibits from local artists. The shop also stocks its own expanding collection, which includes collaborations with Steve Mono (bags) and Abe the Ape (ceramics).


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