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Monocle attends the fourth annual Dallas Art Fair in the Texan city that is gaining kudos as a major cultural hub in the US. Local collectors, museums and arts spaces have turned it from a lone ranger into an international player.

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The final pieces have been installed and exhibitors sip on champagne in their booths as the first of their prospective collectors walk in past waiters serving canapés and a band playing indistinct jazz. It’s a scene that could be the opening night of an art fair anywhere in the world, if it weren’t for the friendlier than usual greetings and the occasional cowboy boot peeking out from under a suit trouser. This is Texas and the launch night of the fourth annual Dallas Art Fair.

“In many respects, the concept of the American dream is still alive and…

Top galleries

  1. Dallas Museum of Art and The Nasher Sculpture Center:

These neighbouring institutions provide the fulcrum for the city’s Arts District. The museum is housed in a beautiful building by Edward Larrabee Barnes while Renzo Piano’s sculpture centre opens onto a sculpture garden.

  1. The Power Station:

Located outside of the main art drag, Alden Pinnell’s Power Station is a lofty three-floor industrial space that offers site-specific work by artists.

  1. Dallas Contemporary:

The Contemporary is one of the only kunsthalles in the US, dedicated to exhibitions by emerging talent. It likes to push boundaries as seen in its commission of large wall murals around the city from Shepard Fairey.

Key collectors

Howard and Cindy Rachofsky whose collection contains an impressive chunk of art pauvre. They are now focusing on a lot of Japanese post-war work.

The Rose Family – Deedie and Rusty Rose are important patrons of contemporary art, especially from Latin American artists.

Marguerite Hoffman – Along with her late husband, Robert, Marguerite has collected pieces by Cy Twombly and Gerhard Richter. She is now building up a collection of medieval illuminated manuscripts.


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