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Work on a new motorway to drastically improve the Phillipines' infrastructure gets underway, tree planting takes off in China to combat desertification and Kabul to educate the population on conservation, while India's monorail enters a trial phase.

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Luzon wait


After a long delay, work has begun on a new €190m motorway south of Manila. The Philippino Daang Hari-South Luzon Expressway is the centrepiece of the Aquino government’s latest drive to improve the country’s creaking infrastructure.

Green wall of China


When Kwon Byong-hyon arrived in Beijing in 1998 as the South Korean ambassador to China, he was greeted by a thick duststorm whipped up from deserts to the west. The next day, his daughter called to say the storm had reached Seoul, coating the city in yellow…


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