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Since the dawn of time man has used all sorts of objects and implements to make life easier. But it’s only recently that artisans have embellished these everyday utensils with a heavy dose of design without sacrificing performance. From hand-forged Dutch garden tools to Italian office supplies and Japanese candleholders here’s our selection of tools to perk up your quality of life.

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  1. Table brush, iris.se, scp.co.uk
  2. Oscar Díaz candleholder, oscar-diaz.net
  3. Nutcracker, drosselmeyer.se
  4. Shellfish forks, drosselmeyer.se
  5. Shellfish pliers, drosselmeyer.se
  6. Wire cutters, betakut.it, labourandwait.co.uk
  7. Hammer, estwing.com, labourandwait.co.uk
  8. Mimi fête crayons, 26lettres.com
  9. Incense holders, objectsforuse.com
  10. Grindenstein knock out box, fairfaxcoffee.com
  11. Korn cement penholders, thelollipopshoppe.co.uk
  12. Haws watering can, labourandwait.co.uk
  13. Garlic grater, everyday-needs.com
  14. Zenith hole puncher, labourandwait.co.uk
  15. Mortar and pestle, labourandwait.co.uk

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