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Monocle offers you an insight into the most efficient and well turned-out logistics companies. If you’ve ever wondered how cash is transported to banks around South Africa or how delicate contemporary art is packed up in London, read on.

Kyoto, London, Milan, Momart, New Delhi, SBV, Sagawa Express, South Africa, Tattva, UBM

As urban environments grow denser, how we move things around cities has become more important than ever. From e-commerce delivery to office lunches and security boxes, city logistics is no longer just another faceless utility but a service sector that changes the way we live.

“Planners and residents alike are wanting to minimise the need to travel,” says Philipp Rode, executive director of LSE Cities programme, “and delivery is the most efficient alternative to private errands.” Taking the strain off congested streets and fitting in with time…


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