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That's just how I roll

— Quebec


Vélo Québec is the guiding force behind Montréal’s much imitated bike culture, a model that is being exported around the world. The woman in the saddle explains how she forged a lean, green urban lifestyle.

Cycling, Innovation, Transport

“I’m not a preacher,” says Suzanne Lareau, ceo and president of Vélo Québec. “I like to lead through persuasion.” As the figurehead of one of North America’s foremost environmental organisations, she is well aware of the reputation for evangelism people in her game tend to have. “We’re not militants. It’s more effective making constructive proposals than demonising people. In my role I have to be the guardian of that philosophy.”

Founded over 40 years ago, Vélo Québec is the oldest and largest non-profit of its kind in North America, cultivating…


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