Five fast floats

Stan Patrol 4207

Length: 42 metres
Displacement: 238 tonnes
Speed: 25-30 knots
Popular with naval defence forces, the cutter can launch a pursuit craft while on the move. Customers include the UK Border Agency and the US and Canadian Coast Guards.

Sigma Frigate

Length: 98/105 metres
Displacement: 2,075/2,335 tonnes
Speed: 27 knots
This multi-purpose frigate, armed with missiles and torpedoes, is available in two versions. Purchased by the Moroccan and Indonesian navies.

Stan Patrol 5009

Length: 50 metres
Displacement: 425 tonnes
Speed: 23-35 knots
Based on Damen’s fast crew supply ship, the 5009 has an axe-shaped bow in steel that cuts through waves to reduce fuel consumption. Clients include Italy’s Guardia di Finanza.

Interceptor 1102

Length: 11 metres
Displacement: 4.5 tonnes
Speed: 55 knots
Made with a composite hull in carbon fibre and fibreglass, the nimble speedboat seats six and turns on a dime. Designed to catch drug smugglers and Somali pirates.

Offshore Patrol 3750

Length: 108 metres
Displacement: 3,750 tonnes
Speed: 21 knots
Purchased by the Royal Netherlands Navy for use in the North Sea and Dutch municipalities, the ship is equipped for long-range patrols, search and rescue and humanitarian relief missions.

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