Marisa Mazria Katz - Q&A

Editor, Creative Time Reports

New York

Since 1972 non-profit organisation Creative Time has commissioned ambitious public art projects throughout New York and around the world, covering issues as diverse as the war in Iraq, immigration and space travel. Its latest venture, a website called Creative Time Reports, will be bringing the opinions of artists to bear on news and current affairs. Monocle caught up with the website’s editor to see how she’s going about it.

What is the philosophy behind Creative Time Reports?
The website exhibits our core belief that artists should play 
a central role in current events. They should be weighing in on the times we live in, demonstrating that artists really can address and analyse issues of social justice.

What is the aim of the project?
We’re basically trying to upend traditional takes on critical issues. I think what makes this project really different is our raison d’être: commissioning artists’ reports on current affairs.

How is it different from other media?
It’s analysis and commentary on global news events, so each artist will be approaching it in their own very distinct way. We are reporting on a diverse range of issues and while many of them are already topics of global discussion, others are overlooked by the mainstream media.

Where does the inspiration come from?
We believe that artists throughout history have engaged with critical issues of their time, whether 
it’s Goya’s Disasters of War, Ai Weiwei or Manet. The website really advances the belief that artists should be discussing the times we live in.

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