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Health-related magazines in Japan, Assouline's new concept store and a Q&A with The Art Journal's editor.

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Healthy reads


With over 3,000 magazines on the shelves of Japanese bookstores it’s no surprise that there’s a niche for health and wellness. All the big sports – and some of the smaller ones – are represented, from football and golf to surfing and angling. The growing stack of alternative health publications offer a guide to slow living, covering everything from homebaked bread to DIY reflexology. Outdoor pursuits have their own corner, whether it’s climbing, walking or trail running, and magazines for lady hikers form their own…

Margot Wilson - Q&A

Executive editor, The Arts Journal


Launched in May 2012,The Arts Journal is looking to fill a gap in Scottish journalism. With an extensive background in publishing, Margot Wilson, together with art critic Iain Gale, decided to gather the best of Scotland’s writers, photographers and illustrators in a collectable publication three times a year.

How important is the art scene in Edinburgh?
Hugely important. The Edinburgh Festival is the main example of this but there is a thriving art scene here all year round from the Scottish Opera and National Galleries to the new Summerhall venue and independent galleries such as the Ingleby Gallery, representing contemporary artists. Great writers from JK Rowling to Ian Rankin all show that the arts scene here is flourishing.

What do you cover?
Culture and arts in the broadest definition. We are rooted in Scotland with a global outlook, and our aim is to produce a magazine to keep. Content and design 
are equally important, with the best possible writing. We have a huge range of contributors from Edinburgh and Glasgow and from much further afield, such as art reviews from New York, Dubai, Tokyo and Sarajevo.


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