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— Copenhagen


Denmark: home to the world’s first obesity tax, a globally revered restaurant (Noma) and a galaxy of informed and innovative food experts. We got four of the best together in a room to chew the (unsaturated) fat on their profession.

Aarstiderne, Christian Puglisi, Manfreds, Noma, Relæ, Rosio Sanchez, Søren Ejlersen, Tor Nørretranders

Recent years have seen the culinary world look to Denmark for inspiration and enlightenment. Noma and its followers have brought foraging into the mainstream and its innovative approach has inspired other restaurants around the world to revist the indigenous produce on their own doorstep. We invited four leading figures from the Copenhagen food scene to look into their crystal balls and help us divine the future trends in farming and dining.

The panel

Christian Puglisi

Puglisi is head chef and co-owner of the highly acclaimed Restaurant Relæ and…


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