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Theatre of life

— Munich


In a prime location in the heart of Munich there is a building for retired actors, artists and journalists who have their rents subsidised by a foundation that made its money in the circus. A good portfolio helps win you admission.

Bukhard Gaffron, Eva Reigl, Jürgen Thiele, Stiftungsverwaltung, Waki Meier, Werner Friedmann Foundation

Jürgen Thiele calls his Danish-built Koga electric bike his “personal Rolls-Royce” and by two-wheeled standards it is in about the same price range. At €3,300, it cost just a bit more than a trip he took around Germany earlier in September, hitting up the Documenta exhibition in Kassel and visiting friends in Berlin, Köln, Düsseldorf and Essen.

Both were at the expense of the Werner Friedmann Foundation, which has also been subsidising the rent on Jürgen’s apartment on the leafy Taschnerstrasse in Munich for the past 12 years. The foundation has…


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