May 2013

Attack at dawn: the new media battle to get you out of bed. The TV hosts, radio anchors and editors who want to be your breakfast companions. A Monocle report from frontlines in Sydney and beyond.

Design / Architecture

Our home

‘Playing house’ is one of the more fun adult games. But furnishing a home from scratch is a gradual process and after you’ve bought a property your budget might not stretch to your dream collection. But it is important to…

Affairs / Politics

Man on a Mission

Mexico’s new president has drafted a bold to-do list for his country: end poverty, fight crime and radically change worldwide opinion. Monocle caught up with Enrique Peña Nieto in Italy’s capital to find out how he intends…

Culture / Media

Rise and Shine

As Australia wakes up, journalists, producers and media executives in its most cosmopolitan city prepare for another day fighting for ratings and readers in a fast-changing business. And it’s here, across the breakfast…

Design / Manufacturing

Case study

German luggage maker Rimowa broke into the tough North American luxury market with working practices and corporate ethics transplanted from its Köln home. As it grows its business, the company is confounding those who said…

Design / Property

Camera obscurer

In Chiba, photographer Shinichi Ito found the perfect canvas for his laid-back style. A short stroll from the sea, he has crafted a cosy refuge within the wood and concrete shell of a most unusual property.

Affairs / Urbanism

Desert Operation

It’s twice as big in area as Tel Aviv but it has only 200,000 residents – and a reputation for being dusty and dreary. Be’er-Sheva’s mayor, however, plans to change that. But the makeover leaves little space for the local…


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