July/August 2013

Our 25 cities for living, working, late nights and fresh starts. From Vienna to Sydney, Vancouver to Kyoto our correspondents survey the streets and crunch the numbers for our Special Global City Ranking.

Design / Craft

Way to go

The signs that enhance our cities come in a chaotic mix of shapes and sizes. But the craft of creating clean and inspiring text across formats as diverse as glass windows to paper lanterns falls to those with clear heads…

Business / Urbanism

Grow your own

As populations become more urban and people become more aware of where their food comes from, city farms, whether it’s beekeeping in Brisbane or vegetable growing in Havana, are coming into their own.


Culture / Media

Sound and vision

The words, noises and images that we ingest from the moment we wake up help shape our thoughts and moods throughout the day. Here, we present a 24-hour itinerary of our favourite sources of deep thought and distraction.


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