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808 3 Dec 2014

After a year of conflict and crises, we cover the meeting of Nato foreign ministers to discuss the alliance’s future plans. Plus, our experts discuss how global leaders can realistically make the world a safer place, and examine which countries are lining up to arm Australia.

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807 2 Dec 2014

We look at “ghost troops” and how they are being used in Iraq as the country reveals 50,000 made-up jobs were on the books. We also find out why business owners in France are taking to the streets, and hear from Miami Beach as Art Basel gets underway.

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806 1 Dec 2014

Uruguay's former president Tabare Vasquez wins another chance to lead the country. We also look at what Russia and Turkey's presidents have to talk about as they sit down in Ankara and get a sneak peak at Art Basel in Miami.

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805 28 Nov 2014

Will Taiwanese voters distance themselves from Beijing as they head to the polls this weekend? We also see how China is reacting to the rock bottom prices of Black Friday and hear why business is booming for Lion Air in Indonesia.

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804 27 Nov 2014

Greece braces for a general strike and Thailand’s rulers splash out ahead of the 2016 election. Plus we explore Iceland’s film industry and our New York bureau chief reflects on his first Thanksgiving.

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803 26 Nov 2014

Igor Sutyagin evaluates Russia's plans to build a network of military facilities in the Arctic. We also assess why Turkey's president doesn't think men and women should be treated equally and bring you part three of our special series on Singapore.

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802 25 Nov 2014

The latest on the unrest in Ferguson, we hear reasons why press freedom is slipping away in so many countries, and get the day’s top business news from Athens.

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801 24 Nov 2014

Deal or no deal? We ask an Iran expert how likely it is that nuclear talks will produce an outcome that's popular with all parties concerned and we also get up close and personal with a mammoth exhibition of extinct animals.

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800 21 Nov 2014

With it looking unlikely that Aung San Suu Kyi can run for president, what are the prospects for democracy in Burma?, We also hear from Amnesty International on Syrian refugees in Turkey, Tyler Brûlé meets Karl Lagerfeld and we head to the kitchens of Istanbul's Gastronomika.

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799 20 Nov 2014

We look at whether the $500bn estimate to unite North and South Korea is accurate, hear from “America's Most Powerful Art Dealers” and learn why Slovakians are getting free bus rides.

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798 19 Nov 2014

We check in with Japan as they prepare to head to the polls then take a close look at the best way to deal with hostage situations as the US reviews its policy. Plus: the divisions the proposed 182-metre-high Statue of Unity is creating between politicans in India.

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797 18 Nov 2014

Just who is keen to invest in Iran if, as a deadline on nuclear talks looms, western sanctions are relaxed? We also take stock with the head of the UN Population Fund and Joseph Dana tells us about the challenges facing Turkey’s finance minister.

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