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894 2 Apr 2015

Thursday 2 April: 

Does the signing of a provisional ceasefire in Burma signal genuine progress and can it hold out? We hear from our correspondent in the country. Plus, we assess the state of Spain’s public broadcaster and hear the business news from New Delhi. Also, we look ahead to The Pan Am and Parapan games in Toronto this summer.

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893 1 Apr 2015

Wednesday 1 April: 

After Vladimir Putin receives Saudi criticism for shaping Syria's conflict, we explore Russia's role in the Middle East. We also discuss Australia's aspiration to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and ask why Björk's causing a stir at Moma.

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892 31 Mar 2015

Tuesday 31 March: 

After thousands march through Tunis in solidarity against terror, our correspondent in the city reflects on its response to the Bardo museum attack. Plus we discuss calls to make Ukraine more inviting to investors and meet the founder of co-founder of Toronto's Camoes Radio.

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891 30 Mar 2015

Monday 30 March: 

As Nigeria awaits the result of this weekend’s presidential election, we get the latest from Abuja. Plus we hear about the final farewell to the founder of modern Singapore and we get the business news from China. Also, Monocle’s new bureau chief in Toronto assesses the state of the city’s politics.

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890 27 Mar 2015

Friday 27 March: 

With the blame for 150 deaths put on a young co-pilot flying solo, we examine the questions Germany is asking itself over the Germanwings tragedy. Plus Saudi Arabia upsets Iran over military action in Yemen and the EU reaches out to Cuba.

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889 26 Mar 2015

Thursday 26 March: 

We look at claims that a pilot was locked out of the cockpit when a Germanwings flight crashed in France. Plus what's behind America’s war of words with Israel and why is Russia teaming with Jordan to build a nuclear power plant?

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888 25 Mar 2015

Wednesday 25 March: 

We discuss the ongoing investigations into Ukraine’s former government following several mysterious deaths. Also, Yemen crisis talks in Doha, Finnish-style education and a look back at the bizarre 1967 disappearance of an Australian prime minister.

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887 24 Mar 2015

Tuesday 24 March: 

As the doors of Tunisia’s Bardo Museum reopen, we ask what’s behind the Tunisian prime minister’s move to dismiss six police chiefs. We also discuss what’s got Scottish voters bothered and hear about Hong Kong’s aspirations to join the art-museum elite.

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886 23 Mar 2015

Monday 23 March: 

As the city of Taiz in Yemen falls under Houthi control we ask if there is any way back for the beleaguered nation. We also take a look at the weekend’s talks between South Korea, China and Japan and examine what Spain’s Andalucia election tell us ahead of the country's general election.

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885 20 Mar 2015

Friday 20 March: 

A plan to provide food stamps to Greece's poorest backfires as the rift with Eurozone powers escalates; we report from Athen. We also discuss the crumbling situation in Yemen and ask what can be done to prevent the trade of looted art and antiquities in conflict zones.

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884 19 Mar 2015

Thursday 19 March: 

At least 19 people were killed in yesterday's terror attack in Tunisia. As the prime minister names two suspects, we cross to our Tunis correspondent for the latest analysis. Plus, the expanding role of Japan's defence forces, and more legal complications in Indonesia as the Bali 9 duo await execution.

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883 18 Mar 2015

Wednesday 18 March: 

Benjamin Netanyahu's victory in Israel spells the end of a possible two-state solution with Palestine. But are there lessons to be learned from the election result? We also take a look at education among Japanese girls as Michelle Obama arrives in Tokyo and cross to Oxfam to examine the role of international aid in cyclone-hit Vanuatu.

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