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860 13 Feb 2015

Greek and German negotiators agree - in principle - to compromise over Athens’ debt repayments. Plus we ask why Japan wants to boost its humanitarian presence overseas and unpick Turkey’s relationship with Cuba.

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859 12 Feb 2015

After the progress made during Ukraine peace talks in Minsk, how realistic is the hope of a resolution? Plus we cross to Delhi to discuss what the aftermath of that city’s election means for the country’s prime minister.

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858 11 Feb 2015

We analyse the alleged sodomy accusations against Malaysian opposition-leader Anwar Ibrahim, cross to Kuala Lumpur to ask what’s next for the nation’s political agenda, and learn why Barack Obama is refusing to meet Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington.

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857 10 Feb 2015

Is the Turkish parliament’s latest security bill eroding civil liberties in the country? We also learn why Australia is increasingly swinging away from the centre-right, and Fairfax Media’s business columnist Adele Ferguson gives her take on the future for private investments.

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856 9 Feb 2015

As Australian prime minister Tony Abbott survives a leadership challenge, we ask where the unpopular leader goes next. Plus what is Russia’s Vladimir Putin hoping to achieve by visiting Egypt?

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855 6 Feb 2015

We preview the Munich Security Conference, discuss the future of Japan’s constitution, get the business news from Turkey and review the morning newspapers with Martin Plaut.​

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854 5 Feb 2015

We discuss Greece's economic future, profile Turkish writer and Islamic leader Fethullah Gülen, get the business news from Iceland and review the morning newspapers.

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853 4 Feb 2015

We analyse the Greek economy, discuss the fragile politics of Yemen, delve into the history of Danish film and review the morning newspapers.

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852 3 Feb 2015

We discuss geopolitics in Ukraine, the future of Australia’s Tony Abbott, business in Delhi and review the newspapers with Sebastian Borger.

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851 2 Feb 2015

We discuss the release of journalist Peter Greste from an Egyptian prison, get the latest update on the return of protesters in Hong Kong, analyse the 24th African Union summit, and review the morning newspapers.

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850 30 Jan 2015

We hear the latest on the Isis hostage crisis, discuss human rights in Sri Lanka, analyse the future of Pegida, get the business news from Jakarta and review the morning newspapers.

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849 29 Jan 2015

We discuss Boko Haram in Nigeria and presidential politics in Italy, visit an armoured-vehicle trade show in London, get the business news from Greece and review the morning newspapers.

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