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772 14 Oct 2014

Hear the latest on the unrest in Hong Kong, Turkey's lack of action in the fight against Islamic State and what the future holds for Finnair.

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771 13 Oct 2014

An update on the political protests in Hong Kong and Islamic State’s movments in Kobani. We also discuss the latest business news from Switzerland and review the morning newspapers with Adam Hug.

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770 10 Oct 2014

With the Nobel Peace Prize winner announced in Oslo today, we preview this year’s event. We also check the progress of the Balkan states lining up to join the EU, get the business news from China and sample Swedish food in a Serbian kitchen.

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769 9 Oct 2014

As Thailand’s prime minister meets Burma’s leader, we ask what’s on the agenda for the two ex-generals. We also debate Turkish inaction at the Syrian border and profile France’s far-right Front National party.

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768 8 Oct 2014

The latest news from Turkey, where people have been killed in protests against the country’s inaction on Isis. We also get a business update from Singapore and review today’s newspapers.

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767 7 Oct 2014

We assess relations between North and South Korea as a naval quarrel threatens an agreement to resume talks. We also ask if the EU is set to reject France’s 2015 budget and get the business news from Russia.

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766 6 Oct 2014

We discuss the outcome of yesterday’s first-round voting in Brazil’s presidential election, hear the latest from Hong Kong and meet the experts behind new book What I Love About Movies.

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765 3 Oct 2014

As Hong Kong’s chief executive defies calls to stand down, we hear the latest from the protests. Plus we discuss Turkish military action against Isis militants and this Sunday’s election in Brazil.

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764 2 Oct 2014

Will Turkey authorise military action against Isis militants? Plus we hear the latest on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests and discuss the upcoming presidential election in Brazil.

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763 1 Oct 2014

The latest on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests, we discuss today’s planned meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama, and get the business news from France.

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762 30 Sep 2014

As pro-democracy protests continue in Hong Kong we hear from our bureau chief in the city. We also get business news from Turkey, take a trip to the Glasgow School of Art and reflect on the upcoming Uruguayan election.

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761 29 Sep 2014

Monocle’s editor in chief Tyler Brûlé and Emma Nelson bring you the latest from Hong Kong as some of largest protests in the region’s history continue, we also hear about the recovery efforts on Japan’s erupting volcano, Mount Ontake, and take the time to sample the joys of handwriting.

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