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878 11 Mar 2015

Wednesday 11 March: 

We discuss the four-year anniversary of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, visit Madrid to examine the role of memorials in helping a city heal, talk retail design, get the business news from Jakarta, and look at Berlusconi-era political scandals in Italy.

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877 10 Mar 2015

Tuesday 10 March: 

Find out about Angela Merkel's trip to Japan, the future of Iraq's cultural heritage and the health of the Ukrainian economy. Plus: the business news from Sweden and a review of the front pages.

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876 9 Mar 2015

Monday 9 March: 

We discuss Angela Merkel’s trip to Japan, the future of Iraq’s cultural heritage and the health of the Ukrainian economy. Plus the business news from Sweden and a review of the front pages.

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875 6 Mar 2015

Friday 6 March: 

Japan and China are holding their first security talks in four years; we analyse the possible outcomes. We also head to Yemen to analyse its political deadlock and a possible looming civil war, get the latest business news in Iceland, and enjoy a lesson in experimental cocktail making.

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874 5 Mar 2015

Thursday 5 March: 

Amid rising tensions over two Australians planned to be executed in Indonesia, are prime minister Tony Abbott’s diplomatic ties with the nation about to hit an all-time low? We also look at UK-Iraqi relations in the fight against Isis, and learn about Brazil’s favourite spirit, Cachaca.

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873 4 Mar 2015

Wednesday 4 March: 

As nuclear talks between the US and Iran go ahead, Israel’s PM warns the US Congress against a potential Iranian nuclear bomb. We also examine Kosovo’s struggle for independence and hear how popular culture influences our choice of nightcap.

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872 3 Mar 2015

Tuesday 3 March: 

As Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to US Congress approaches, we discuss American president Barack Obama’s labelling of the visit as a “distraction”. Plus, after the death of Boris Nemtsov, who now represents Russia’s political opposition?

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871 2 Mar 2015

Monday 2 March: 

With the death of Boris Nemtsov attracting tens of thousands of marchers in Moscow we discuss the aftermath of his assassination, we also hear about Uruguay’s new president, and analyse the state of human rights in Australia.

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870 27 Feb 2015

Friday 27 February: 

Ukraine’s expulsion of Russian journalists is raising questions but is it all part of the propaganda war? And how is Gucci’s new direction being received on the Italian runways? We'll cross to Monocle’s man in Milan, Ivan Carvalho.

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869 26 Feb 2015

Thursday 26 February: 

Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûlé joins Emma Nelson to discuss press censorship in Japan, we also check-in with Australia’s Avalon Airshow, and hear from the QVED editorial design event in Munich.

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868 25 Feb 2015

Wednesday 25 February: 

As the election race heats up in Israel, we examine prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to pull out of meetings in Washington. Plus, we hear about the latest war games between North and South Korea, and Monocle’s Sophie Grove points out how the humble cup of tea might be a missed opportunity for Turkey’s government.

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867 24 Feb 2015

Tuesday 24 February: 

We discuss the Egyptian president’s proposal for a joint Arab military alliance and whether it would actually work in the Middle East. Plus the latest military technology at Idex in Abu Dhabi and why Australia is considering culling camels.

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