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172 30 Jan 2015

Pretence of anonymity: 

Pulitzer prize-winning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold tells us why it doesn't pay for restaurant critics to keep anonymity, author David Sax gives us his view on who the real food-industry tastemakers are and we get the week’s headlines from Toronto.

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171 23 Jan 2015

Vicky Lau: 

Why one American restaurant has decided to ban tips, we meet Vicky Lau, who has just been named the best female chef in Asia, and get the week’s culinary headlines from Hong Kong.

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170 16 Jan 2015

We visit a kitchen equipment library in Toronto, hear how chef and author Ken Hom is planning to promote food from the UK, and get the week’s culinary headlines from Singapore.

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169 9 Jan 2015

We are in Tel Aviv to witness the city’s cocktail revival, enjoy a taste of Stellacello – a new drink originating from east London – and hear why a Japanese filmmaker has become the go-to person for food branding.

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168 2 Jan 2015

We make an appointment with a water sommelier in Los Angeles, meet chef and author Dan Barber, who has a tasty solution for the future's food-supply challenges, and we get the week's culinary headlines from Latin America.

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167 26 Dec 2014

Some of the most appetising, surprising and delicious moments from the past 12 months.

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166 19 Dec 2014

Spice expert Arun Kapil tells us what we're missing in the world of spices, we visit a Los Angeles cheese shop where all cheeses are dairy free and vegan – and get the week's headlines from Istanbul.

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165 12 Dec 2014

The favourite dishes of some of the world’s most notorious dictators, we find out what might be new on Christmas-dinner tables in Sydney this year, and visit London's first ever cereal cafe.

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164 5 Dec 2014

An appointment with a personal-eating trainer in Madrid, we visit one of the best restaurants in Pakistan, and learn what Australian kitchen guru Donna Hay’s favourite recipes are.

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163 28 Nov 2014

Mexican kitchen legend Margarita Carrillo Arronte on the many delicious delights that still haven’t been discovered in her home country. We are also in Copenhagen to meet one of Scandinavia's brightest chefs in Christian Puglisi and get tips for a great salad in New York.

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162 21 Nov 2014

We hear how designers and chefs have got together to rethink Turkish cooking, visit Conflict Kitchen in Pittsburgh and find out about Dubai's ambition to become the centre of the world’s coffee industry.

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161 14 Nov 2014

We report from Brisbane as the city’s food and drink entrepreneurs prepare for the G20 summit, Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura opens up on his kitchen philosophy and we get the week’s headlines from Toronto.

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