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164 4 Dec 2014

From promotional campaigns and place branding to TV stations and an app connecting Parisians, we find out how cities get their messages across. Plus we take a stroll through Washington DC’s Capitol Hill.

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163 27 Nov 2014

Made in: we check out an organisation pushing to unite manufacturers in Copenhagen, former industrial sites in east London and Belgrade's design district. Plus: a traditional Hong Kong printing house and a catch-up with Gehl Architects.

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162 20 Nov 2014

Inside story: parks and plazas are obvious public spaces but when the weather gets a little less pleasant, what are our indoor equivalents? From underground pathways to open and airy libraries, we take a look at what public space looks like on the inside. Plus, a special interview with NY planning commissioner Carl Weisbrod.

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161 13 Nov 2014

Laws of attraction: what makes you love a certain neighbourhood or street? This week we have a look at the design competition for Helsinki's proposed Guggenheim museum, wander around Barcelona's Gothic quarter, chat with New York's deputy mayor and make a quick stop in Belgrade.

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160 6 Nov 2014

Emptiness: cities often struggle with it and some have too little to spare. With Helsinki having just published a report on the problem, we ask what are the kinds of spaces that city-dwellers will be moving to next?

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159 30 Oct 2014

Atlantic Dialogues: we hit the road and report from this year’s Atlantic Dialogues event in Marrakech, including interviews with the mayor of Rotterdam, the former mayor of LA, and we discuss the goals of the Ford Foundation.

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158 23 Oct 2014

Water: this week we talk about one of the most essential elements in any urban environment and visit cities using water to their advantage. We also learn why others are battling over it, explore some of the world’s lost rivers, and take a reluctant closer look at sanitation.

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157 16 Oct 2014

From ridding ourselves of cars and making sure every last takeaway cup is recycled to simply avoiding chaos, we explore the ideas of those addressing the future of our cities.

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156 9 Oct 2014

The green city: we look at the lofty ideals of carbon-neutral metropolises and the practicality of the matter. Sure, you’ve planted trees but can you afford the maintenance?

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155 2 Oct 2014

Big cities spend a lot of time focused on youth; building their future on the backs of those with energy and ambition. Yet with ageing populations affecting many urban centres, we ask what cities should do to benefit all age brackets.

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154 25 Sep 2014

The beauty episode: does a pretty place improve quality of life? And what fits into the category of “beautification” – can baroque architecture and graffiti coexist?

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153 18 Sep 2014

The dying breeds: Cities are rapidly changing places in the global hierarchy and with all of the new people, new buildings and new things to do, some are inevitably left behind. In this episode we’re looking at some fading classics and also tracking the changes that will help cities of the future.

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