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21022 Oct 2015

Urban flashpoints: 

Be it gentrification, increasing housing prices or fighting for equality, cities are often the epicentre for protests and calls for change. This week we explore the issues shaping our cities, from anti-gentrification movements in Jaffa to a group going topless in New York for equality. Plus: we reflect on Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution one year on.

20915 Oct 2015


Taxis are a comfortable and fast way in which to travel but how do they affect public transport? From Cairo’s intense traffic to the taxi rank here in London, we assess the role cabs play in our cities and ask whether they provide a service no one else can. Plus: we take a ride in an Uber to discuss the pros and cons of ride-sharing apps and head to New Delhi to meet the company putting women behind the wheel.

2088 Oct 2015

So you want to be an urbanist?: 

If you want to build a city, where do you start? From the importance of a well-designed waterfront to a clear balance of architectural aesthetics, we take a look at some of the crucial elements you should consider before you begin to sketch and plan. Plus: how to maximise a city’s potential through a strong digital strategy.

2071 Oct 2015

Build 2015, part two: 

We continue our coverage of this year’s Build conference in Bilbao. We discover how policy makers and civic thinkers are shaping our cities, explore Pittsburgh as a poster-city for resilience, see how cities learn from one another and ask what’s the best way to empower local leaders through technology. Plus: race and the power of the local community in Cleveland and how Atlanta wants its citizens to take charge.

20624 Sep 2015

Build 2015, part one: 

The Bilbao Urban Innovation and Leadership Dialogues (Build) gathers civic leaders and philanthropists who are rethinking how our cities should be run. In the first part of our coverage of Build, we explore how Stuttgart has been dealing with an unprecedented number of refugees, see how The Skillman Foundation is using education as a vehicle for inclusion and meet the city councillor with a very personal story when it comes to acceptance. Plus: we find out how Poland is using transport to revitalise the city of Lodz.

20517 Sep 2015

Town squares: 

The original concept of the town square has evolved quite significantly through the years, so what lessons can we draw from its journey? Whether they’re the centre stage for political protests or the ideal place for your morning stroll, squares play an essential role in expanding the public realm.

20410 Sep 2015

You’re the inspiration: 

Where do cities take their inspiration from? In this episode of ‘The Urbanist’ we explore how our cities rely on each another to draw lessons and move forward, from New York and London tackling similar problems to how a bike-sharing scheme proved to be contagious. Plus: every continent claims to have its own Venice – but is that actually a good thing?

2033 Sep 2015

Walk the catwalk: 

We discover how fashion is weaved into the fabric of our cities, from the way New Delhi promotes ethics within the industry to how Paris is benefitting from its fashion capital status. Listen in as we head to Vancouver, home to the world’s only Eco Fashion Week. We also find out if you can identify a city by what people wear.

20227 Aug 2015

Discover Reykjavik: 

How does a remote city such as Reykjavik mark its spot on the map? Listen in as we chat to the mayor of Reykjavik, Dagur Eggertsson; find out how the city’s bookstores are bringing the community together and why geothermal power is being used to heat part of the Atlantic Ocean.

20120 Aug 2015

The second city: 

Being number two is not always a bad thing. In this episode we explore second cities and the ways in which they step out of the capital’s shadow. From Milan’s business hub to Melbourne’s food culture, these are the things that help us measure a city. Plus: we sit down with the mayor of Aarhus and talk about the challenges – and advantages – of governing Denmark’s second city.

20013 Aug 2015

Bad people, nice buildings: 

Architecture has always been the unfortunate sidekick of any dictatorial regime, with its imposing buildings marking a new era of nationalism and the power of its ruler. In this episode we explore the architectural legacy of fascist, imperial and dictatorial regimes around the world and what these buildings actually stand for today.

1996 Aug 2015

Failed bids: 

We explore projects that were planned but never realised and wonder how different a city might look if it had received a green light. Featuring a case of protected heritage, the high-speed train in Brazil that never took off, the runner-up of an architecture competition and why Toronto has failed five times to host the Olympics.

19830 Jul 2015

Mind your manners: 

There’s a set of unspoken rules of conduct that make our cities tick: standing on the right on an escalator, properly tipping in a restaurant and behaving in a certain way on public transport. But how do people manage to remain civil in a hostile urban environment? Join us as we explore etiquette and politeness in the city.

19723 Jul 2015

Power city: 

We explore how politics have changed Brussels, visit an old embassy for sale in Belgrade and discover some of Hong Kong’s power clubs. Plus: we ask if Vienna is still the stage for international diplomacy and walk through Embassy Row in Washington DC.

19616 Jul 2015

Easy access: 

The way our buildings and public spaces are planned has a significant impact on our quality of life. We explore the theme of accessibility: from how to use inclusive design to a cab service in Hong Kong especially for wheelchair passengers. Plus: we find out what happens when technology and sound come together to create a map of the city and why New York has introduced mental respite centres.

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