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182 9 Apr 2015

Rethinking the suburb: 

Are the boundaries between urban, suburban and rural blurring? From exploring new ways to expand our cities to dealing with a shifting balance of power, we look at the power of today's suburb.

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181 2 Apr 2015

All the way up: 

What surprising things do we find high-up in cities and what can you tell by looking down on them from the sky? In this episode we visit Vienna’s only tower, head to Rio de Janeiro’s high-altitude neighbourhoods and discover why Cairo wants to add skyscrapers to its skyline.

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180 26 Mar 2015

Urban lighting: 

When we build towers, monuments or parks, we plan them for the daytime. And in most cities, not much thought is given to how we illuminate or even enhance them. In this episode we take a look at our cities at night and the bright future of outdoor urban lighting, from gas lamps to hi-tech LEDs.

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179 19 Mar 2015

Feathered friends: 

With an influential audience of city mayors, urban planners and architects, this is Monocle’s guide to making better cities, be it new technology, state-of-the-art subways or compact apartments.

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178 12 Mar 2015

What is to be done with the public realm?: 

We look at the space between our buildings: whose responsibility is it to lay out the welcome mat and make them enjoyable, inviting and popular? Find out why residents and businesses are doing their bit for the greater good.

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177 5 Mar 2015

After the dust settles: 

Cities are places built to bring people together but every so often conflict and unrest in urban centres means that communal trust is broken. This episode of The Urbanist looks at how cities heal after conflict and the dust clears.

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176 26 Feb 2015

The ticking clock: 

Timekeeping has a big impact on urban life, from iconic clocks and watchmakers to city-wide alarms and historic church bells. We find out about life as a bell-ringer and discover which timezone gives a city 15 minutes of fame every year.

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175 19 Feb 2015

The floating city: 

How do you best use space on water? From homes and churches to restaurants and markets, we find out how cities are taking to the water and how to do it right.

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174 12 Feb 2015

Big ideas, small packages: 

Urban innovation often starts as a minuscule experiment – and then it’s turned up. Big ideas about cities don’t always mean super-structures, mega-projects and mass appeal. When it comes to services, amenities and leisure, sometimes it’s the smaller, hyper-local examples that have the most impact.

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173 5 Feb 2015

On the map: 

They expose the hidden corners of our cities usually lost in the mix but maps are not just for tourists. On this week’s episode of The Urbanist we get lost in the art of map making and visit the people and places showing city-lovers the way.

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172 29 Jan 2015

1960s Utopias: 

They are the buildings that were meant to be Utopian visions of tomorrow but what does that mean today? In this episode of 'The Urbanist' we look at once future-perfect designs to learn which idealists guessed right.

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171 22 Jan 2015

How'd that get built?: 

How'd that get built? City-building at its best is innovative, democratic and aesthetically on point but that’s sadly not always the case. This week’s episode of The Urbanist looks at cathedrals of corruption, building blunders and just plain ugly additions to our cityscapes – how do these things get built?

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