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20. Call the tune

Whether you have a song up your sleeve or ambitions to host a podcast, time in a recording studio is a sound investment.

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Healing hands

Clad in white coats and working with a surgeon’s precision, these Rome-based fine-art restorers are on a mission to preserve the city’s cultural heritage.

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Brave new world

For decades the Belice Valley was a byword for bureaucratic bungling in the face of disaster. Now, 50 years after a devastating earthquake struck the region, the bold aesthetic legacy that bloomed in its wake is finally…

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Making a scene

Palermo’s patched-up palazzos make the city the perfect backdrop to the stirring artwork on display at Manifesta, the roving biennale.

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Writ large

The Palace of Serbia is a vivid reminder of the region’s past and a testament to its mid-century modern design credentials.

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Reflected glory

Oscar Niemeyer’s modernist citadel near Milan was designed for publishing giant Mondadori, a powerful Italian brand whose identity and culture has been shaped by the building for decades

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Good on paper

Italy is a land of print. One such publication is the punchy periodical ‘Internazionale’ that, since the 1990s, has been selecting what it considers to be the best of international journalism and translating it into Italian…

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Cinema paradiso

With its central-European soul and Italian accent, this Adriatic port could easily have an identity crisis. Trieste, however, is used to occupying the space between one culture and another, as its unique film festival…

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Fonts to run with

Olympic branding is a hot topic and graphic designer Lance Wyman’s seminal work for the 1968 Mexico Games changed the way we see them. Monocle catches up with him to talk wayfinding and the future of fonts in our cities.

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Right minds

From London to Mexico City, Monocle has selected five of the best practices with the architectural flair and interior ingenuity right for your next project.

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Chivalry isn’t dead

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a 1,000-year-old institution that played a role in the Crusades and issues its own passports. Now it is fighting a very different battle: defending its honour as a paragon of Chr…

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Blown away

David Plaisant reporting from Trieste: The ever-present Bora wind isn’t the only thing that provides an air of frisson in this intriguing city: it’s also down to its complex history and fascinating geography.

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Made to last

With whole towns in Italy dedicated to producing a single item, be it eyewear, silk or shoes, it’s clear why the big names in fashion continue to rely on the expertise of the country’s specialised craftsmen.

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On the make

Whether it is exceptional cuisine or governmental incompetence, Naples is said to exemplify both the best and worst of Italy. Monocle discovers the spirited heart of craft and industry beyond this and speaks to the ‘arti…

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Sign language

As a country renowned for taste and style it is little surprise that Italy’s brands have such a strong aesthetic identity. Monocle delves into the nation’s visual history and charts its most striking logos.

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Expo 65 – Part 01: Palermo

Much of its complex history is dark and overshadowed by the Mafia but Palermo’s citizens have fought back and reclaimed their seductive city as a centre for art and gastronomy.

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Telly Cities

No matter how much money and effort is put into marketing your city, if you want tourists to visit and everyone to know its name, nothing compares to having a popular TV series being filmed in your city. Monocle looks at…

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Expo 55: Turin

Although no longer the industrial powerhouse it once was, Turin has developed into a significant social centre in the afterglow of the 2006 Winter Olympics, adding a discreet modern confidence to its momentous and varied…


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