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Throwing signs

Like any language, signing changes with the times – and that incorporates updates to include the latest obscenities and drug references. Monocle put its hands up for a lesson in lyrics at a Texas gig.


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Creative process

The president of the Rhode Island School of Design sketches out the make-up of her tight team.


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Southern belle

In the first of a new series looking at US cities and the people fixing them, we stop off at Albuquerque to find out why New Mexico’s most populous city is on the up.

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Amplifying the positives

As a 30-year veteran of the music industry, Rob Stringer is intent that past mistakes are not repeated. The Sony Music CEO has no problem with dissenting voices in the workplace but is vocal about one thing: everyone needs…

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Back to the future

There’s more to the City of Angels than dive joints and cocktail clubs. The 1933 Group is safeguarding the future of Los Angeles’ bar scene by preserving its past, all while calling attention to the city’s forgotten arch…

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Buffalo stance

From their New Jersey farm, a former big-city couple have become enthusiastic advocates of water buffalo produce and discovered a lucrative business model in the process.

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Mark my words

The world’s most popular language-learning tool uses our own innate competitiveness – and a passive-aggressive owl – to keep users motivated.

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California dreamin'

The 1960s was a golden era for West Coast architecture. One of the overlooked heroes of the period was Ed Killingsworth, best known for his work with hotels in later life but something of a maverick of modest mid-century…

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Jump-start a nation

Paraguay has been blighted by dictatorship, corruption and mismanagement. As the country goes to the polls will any candidate deliver real change? Many believe it’s now or never.

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Game on

Obama’s right-hand man talks Trump and assesses the Democrats’ chances come 2020. Is he feeling hopeful?

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Cream of the crop

Content to plough its own furrow, John Deere’s historic headquarters celebrates the brand’s Midwestern roots while showcasing its modern-day values.

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Love story

Lorin Stein, critic and editor, on his default setting – reading – and why he’s more committed to ‘The Paris Review’ than ever.


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The one-stop destination

In a world of increasingly identikit shops, Arthur Gerbi’s Paris store is a one-off: a quirky treasure house to linger in.

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Leading the flock

Swedish adman Pelle Sjoenell shepherds a global band of ‘black sheep’ alongside a tight-knit team in Los Angeles.

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Columbus’s new world

Ed Stocker reporting from Columbus, Indiana: This Columbus (not its Ohio namesake) has a population of 45,000 and one of the best line-ups of modernist architecture in the world. But as the city searches for a future in…

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Moving through the gears

Ed Stocker reporting from Auburn Hills: Ralph Gilles, global head of design at Fiat Chrysler, has seen it all in his 25 years at the company. We find out about the journey so far – and ask what’s next for the industry.

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Dark stars

Perma-sunny Los Angeles is the perfect city to launch a sunglasses brand. We find six designers putting others in the shade.

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Sign language

If you’ve been to the US, it’s likely that Donald Meeker gave you directions. He’s the graphic designer whose wayfinding systems keep millions of people on track every day.

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Express delivery

Henry Ford and Interstate highways put paid to the US railway’s glory years but new higher-speed projects could make riding the tracks part of life once more. Well, one day anyway.


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