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Moving forward

How will you get to work in the future? We consider the role that businesses will play and think about some of the potential travel opportunities and pitfalls – not to mention how long it’ll take.

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Centre stage

We meet the Norwegian prime minister, whose job is to keep her country on an even keel as it tackles extremism and an over-reliance on fossil fuels.

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Push the boat out

Despite the predictions of big sales and profits, Asia’s yacht market is spluttering. But market watchers still hope that the habit will take hold.

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Are we nearly there yet?

While electric vehicles have been around for a while, they’ve never stolen the spotlight – until now. Monocle visits the Geneva International Motor Show and a smart charging point company in Finland to see if this could…

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Aiming high

AirBaltic, nosediving not so long ago, is now filling European skies with its lime-green livery – and it has its sights set on becoming an international jetsetter.

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Air fair

With Fastjet’s punctuality, customer service and destination choice revolutionising the aviation industry in Tanzania, its population’s travel options are finally on the up.

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Debate of the 51st state

Should they stay or should they go? Puerto Ricans dither about becoming fully part of the US or seeking independence. Meanwhile the economy wobbles. But finally there seems to be a way forward.

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Super Swedes

Stockholm used to be a conservative culinary destination, filled with fancy restaurants and overcomplicated cuisine. That was until locals in need of a more laidback atmosphere raised their voices (and cutlery) clamoring…

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Different class

Whether it’s airlines or artisan wines, when it comes to inspiring new ventures, staying true to an idea is key. We’ve searched hotels, restaurants, business hubs and remote islands to learn lessons from those achieving…

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Pacific fleet: Fiji Airways

The Fijian national carrier returns to its roots this year with a change of name that harks back to its pioneering days. But the airline’s fleet upgrade shows that its focus is also very much on the future.

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Travel Top 50 2012/2013

From an exceptionally helpful member of hotel staff to a great view from your room, every little thing counts towards making a pleasant travel experience truly great. We’re sticklers for detail and in this annual survey our…

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Pack leaders

A photographer, a war artist, Sky News’ special correspondent and a writer for ‘The New Yorker’ reveal what kit they take with them to the world’s conflict zones and how they work. Among the essential bulletproof jackets…

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Monocle travel guide - Hong Kong

In a city known for its preference to raze rather than save, finding an old building among Hong Kong’s gleaming skyscrapers is a challenge. Marvel then at the Tai O Heritage Hotel: housed in a 110-year-old police station…

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Captains on the seas

With over 200 inhabited islands in a chain of around 1,200, Maldivian Air Taxi provides an essential service to tourists and islanders alike. The Maldives’ premier island-hopping service relies on seaplanes and the only…

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Low riders, high ideals

The windows are huge; you’re cruising at an altitude low enough to allow you to gape in wonder at the pristine Costa Rican landscape below… Do you really need to read the inflight magazine?

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Less is more

Monocle tours Korean Air’s A380, which marks a new milestone for the company. The interior design proves that keeping things simple is best, while business and first class put the spark back into travel.


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