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L 130


Pride of place

Among the art-laden walls of Zürich’s Kronenhalle, photographer Michel Comte has found lifelong respite from his globetrotting work with the famous and fashionable.


A 2020


Moving capitals

The country will soon have a new capital if the president’s ambitious (some say unlikely) plan comes to fruition. While there’s an argument for leaving Jakarta, would a new seat of government be an improvement?

E 2020


Self awareness

As affluent modern travellers seek a boost for brain and body, hotels are now mindful of the wellness boom’s potential. We find out how Asaya at Rosewood Hong Kong accommodates this feel-good factor.

L 128


The opener

Art for diplomats, curbing California’s cushty canteen culture, dining cars hit the buffers and a political tussle on Chinese cinema screens.


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Close to home

Forget dull hotel rooms and fusty apartments: a group of architects-turned-entrepreneurs are cornering the market in well-designed rentals in South Korea – and beyond.

D 127


Thing of beauty

Amorepacific’s HQ is challenging traditional office-design concepts in the South Korean capital and aims to nurture healthier, happier workers – while increasing productivity of course.

L 125


Puppy power

Even the fiercest dogs start life as cuddly puppies. But at Hong Kong’s police-dog training centre, every game has a purpose: to prepare canines for a life of sniffing luggage, searching vehicles and fighting crime.

A 122


Calm before a storm

The president of Taiwan is softly spoken and unassuming but that hasn’t stopped her from ruffling a few feathers. We speak to her as she gears up for the 2020 election.

f 116


The perfect fit

Conscious of the need to develop a retail aesthetic worthy of housing the company’s iconic products, New Balance’s creative whizz Bob Neville got to work. The result of his endeavours is the extraordinary Bird Centre in…

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Blue-sky thinker

An aeronautical eureka moment helped Michimasa Fujino relaunch the stalled Honda Aircraft project – and its HA-420 is now the private-aviation industry’s most sought-after jet.

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Crowd pleaser

South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in has been caught in the verbal crossfire between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un – but quietly got his way and delivered a diplomatic triumph. And he still has time to watch TV with his cat…

A 111


Reflective leader

Seoul’s mayor is a man who combines data analysis and participatory democracy as, bit by bit, he goes about giving his city a facelift. Park Won-soon tells us how it’s done.

E 2018


Here to stay

James Chambers reporting from Laos: Meet Adrian Zecha, the 84-year-old industry veteran who’s setting out to redefine hospitality in 2018.

B 2017


Lap of luxury

James Chambers reporting from Bangkok: The president of Sansiri, one of Thailand’s largest residential developers, explains why foreigners are flocking to Bangkok to buy up his properties.

L 103


Word has it

Each month we’ll be capturing the signature looks at our favourite trade fairs. This issue the crowd at Art Basel in Hong Kong has something to say.


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