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23. Fact or friction

Press briefings have seen the White House play politics with the pandemic. Margaret Brennan is out to cut through the bluster.

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Skeleton crew

When it comes to bones, Research Casting International is king of the dinosaurs. The Ontario restoration firm has made monsters for Hollywood, excavated an Ankylosaurus and – as the world’s museums continue to call – is…

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Trapp door

The family that inspired ‘The Sound of Music’ moved to the US to open a hotel. As Tomos Lewis discovers, even away from Austria the hills are still alive.

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Dummy run

As adolescent entrepreneurs embrace Canada’s gig economy, the training of babysitters is undergoing a growth spurt.

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Still standing

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise: a cluster of modernist masterpieces that will transport you to Cape Cod’s creative past.

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Pull up a chair

A Kiwi chef, a restaurant owner in Monaco and a design-shop duo in Ontario invite you into their abodes for some home-cooked goodness – with a liberal sprinkling of hospitality advice.

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Ari Shapiro

He’s reported on Isis in Iraq and presidential elections and is now one of the most listened to news broadcasters. With a toastie in hand, he talks about foraging and trust.

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Star turn

Abstract artist Frank Stella had his first Moma retrospective 50 years ago. We caught up with him as he prepared to show his latest colourful work, partly inspired by his smoking habit.

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Captive audience

Bruce Davidson, the Magnum photographer whose healthy curiosity led him to capture the civil-rights movement in the US, reveals his favourite French joint.

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Bordering the sublime

The US-Mexico border may be politically contentious but food culture and entrepreneurship have found a way to flourish here, with some tasty results.

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Plante life

Montréal’s first woman mayor is using the city’s economic upswing to drive socially minded change. But only months into the job she’s found herself in storms of protest – and deep snow.

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Skate expectations

They may be Lebanon’s national ice-hockey team but they are coached by a bus driver in Montréal, who is encouraging them to take a slapshot at international sports stardom.


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Come on down

What’s the secret to game shows’ enduring popularity? Is it the triumph of ‘the everyman’ – the idea that anyone, of any race, age, gender or background, could win a fortune? Or is it that people just need some silly fun…

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Good for the goose

Historic outerwear brand Canada Goose is riding a tailwind of shifting consumer habits all the way to Europe and beyond. As the coat-maker migrates from North America and launches a new line of knitwear, could it be about…

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Rock the house

Having restored the sheen to Sotheby’s rusty balance sheet, new CEO Tad Smith is reimagining the historic institution’s future by embracing digital.

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Janice Min

In LA, the hills have eyes – your restaurant choice and who you dine with make a big impression. For the editor and co-owner of ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, a hunger for getting to the heart of the story is matched by a pas…

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Next stop, the world

Tomos Lewis reporting from Toronto: Having worked on high-profile projects around the globe, leading railway developer Michael Schabas is applying his expertise to improving the transport needs of his hometown.

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Outdoor guy

Doing things differently is at the heart of landscape designer Thomas Woltz’s success. Amid all the high-profile projects, he explains the guiding ethos that keeps his firm grounded.


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