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Boom town

Levelled by a massive explosion in the early 20th century, Halifax’s North End is now welcoming an explosion of young professional families.

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New wave

Once home to waterfront workers, Helsinki’s Punavuori district is now awash with young businesses. We meet the new kids on the dock.

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All grown up: Maylands

Once fallow farmland, Maylands lay dormant for decades before springing forth as fertile land for a budding café and culture scene – and the odd bit of flirting.

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Work wonders

Manufacturing in Turin may have withered but the Borgo Rossini district has made grand use of empty industrial spaces to refashion a warm community in its place.

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Personal touch

From a socially minded floating Dutch hotel and a family-run French château opening its doors to guests for the first time to an elegantly green-fingered café in Istanbul, join us as we visit the best autumn openings in…

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Perfect marriage

Berlin’s Wedding quarter, once dismissed as a drab industrial district best avoided, has emerged as an engaging home for creative types thanks to its mix of eclectic architecture and a laidback atmosphere. Monocle got a…

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After the revolution

Once a hotbed of political foment, Mexico City’s Juárez district has been in decline for a number of decades. But now young professionals are changing the neighbourhood, drawn to its central location and solid housing stock…







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