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We're going to places we've never been before. Who's with us?


B 112


Retail therapy

In this age of online shopping, why is bricks-and-mortar retail still popular and relevant? We assess the challenges specific to three cities – Sydney and gentrification, Madrid and Spain’s power brands, and Osaka with its…

C 110


Narrating the world

Monocle meets the men and women who are shaping the news agenda, from influential radio presenters to newspaper editors and television hosts.

D 103


Into the blue

There’s a particular colour that is in demand: it can convey a brand’s honesty, suggest authority and even lift our mood. But because of this popularity, it’s increasingly difficult to find a truly new hue. Monocle goes in…

A 99


The time is now

It’s time to consider the role of the diplomat and the use of wining and dining in soft power. Plus, our Travel Top 50, a tempting gift guide and plenty of potted plants.

A 97


Leading the way

In a world of geopolitical upheaval and targeted terrorist attacks, mayors are playing an increasingly prominent role. In this issue we present 15 of the world’s most recognisable and resilient city leaders – along with a…

A 96


The time is now

Despite recent turbulence we know that there is always somewhere that’s up-and-coming and places whose doors are open to people who have fresh ideas. So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore.

C 2016


Captive audience

Andrew Tuck reporting from the Azores: Although rain and rough waters might put a damper on your first impressions of the well-connected Azores, you’ll soon find yourself won over by the islands’ compact capital and tight…

A 95


Fly by night

Monocle mascot Monochan is the ultimate night owl. Join him as he flies around the world to bring us wisdoms garnered from a life in the skies, from developing night-time infrastructure to tips on the best bars. It’ll be…

A 95


Up all night

In this, our big summer issue, we refute the doomsayers edging us ever closer to some unspoken after-dark curfew and open up a conversation about the distinct benefits to be enjoyed by those neighbourhoods that aren’t…

A 94


Making a splash

The sea is full of surprises, inspiring maritime nations, nautical architecture, shipping families and more. In this issue we celebrate everything the world’s waters have to offer – and one of us had to prise himself away…

A 92


Lasting impressions

Choosing what type of legacy to leave behind is tricky and, from property to penmanship, varies from trade to trade. In this issue we present the key players making a mark on our cities and – with a new survey, report and…

A 91


G'day, world

This year our nation special puts the spotlight on that sprawling land down under – and in the process we’ve batted away the kangaroos and shooed off the crocs to get to the real red centre of what Australia represents.

B 90


What'll it be, sir?

There’s more to good hospitality than offering guests a gin and tonic upon arrival (even if that is the way to some of our hearts). In this edition we gauge which businesses and nations provide the warmest welcomes.

A 89


How to be liked

Soft power is a precious commodity and needs protecting. But even if your nation and its government seem to lose their way, fear not: you can fix this without them.

A 88


Join the dots

Rolodexes packed with contacts, long discussions in late-night bars, people you meet in dark studios, tip-offs from long-time readers: it’s a network of valued sources that make this magazine come to life every month.

D 87


Homeward bound

As we embark on our second style special of the year, we’ve noticed that an increasing number of fashion labels are moving their production closer to home. Could it be that outsourcing has had its day?

B 86


Signs of the time

Setting up your own business brings both challenges and rewards. Introducing our special issue on entrepreneurial success, we seek advice from two special experts in the field.

C 2015 Free read


Customs control

The world (yes, even the bits you know) is odder, quirkier and more downright bizarre than you might imagine. Come with us on a journey to discover where the emperor rules the calendar, Hush-hush Hannah is a star and the…

C 2015


In the swim of things

Andrew Tuck reporting from Sapporo: With its drip-filter coffee, myriad craft shops and quality fishing scene, Hokkaido’s capital reels you in with a laidback lifestyle and a strong stroke of creativity. Photographer Kohei…

A 85


Urban renewal

What makes a busy city tick along? Here we outline some simple improvements we’d like to see shaping our metropolises into more inclusive places to live, from winding roads to rotating benches.

A 84


Motional issue

In this edition we consider the systems and logistical threads that allow us to make those all-important connections, whether they are at the airport, at the railway station or in the art gallery.

A 83


Sign of the time

Opportunity awaits those who know where to look and are bold enough to act. This issue unravels the tangle of global goings-on and finds out where the action is.


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