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The Monocle Restaurant Awards 2016

25 July 2016

Monocle’s second annual Restaurant Awards honours fifty places that have been consistently good and up-and-comers that have the ingredients to be great restaurants for decades to come. Monocle Films sits down for breakfast…


Brno: fully functional

21 July 2016

The Czech Republic’s second city was central to European design before falling into a troubled 20th-century sleep. Revival came thanks to research investment but its future may lie in its design heritage.


The Escapist 2016

20 July 2016

Make room in your hand luggage: our annual travel-themed summer journal of places less explored is back. We tour cities from Buffalo to Brno, ride the ocean wave with the Portuguese navy and reveal the winners in our Mon…


The Monocle Travel Guide Series: Paris

14 July 2016

Paris is not all about picture-perfect cobbled streets and romantic vistas. Our guide seeks to cut through the clichés and steer you away from the tourist-thronged sites to discover the “real” Paris. Published by Gestalten…


Night mayors

12 July 2016

We pull up a bar stool in Amsterdam at the inaugural Night Mayor Summit to hear from pioneering night watchmen and urban provocateurs in cities around the world.


Leipzig’s artist studios

6 July 2016

Dubbed the new Berlin, Leipzig is home to an increasing number of galleries and project spaces – but the city still has lots of space for inexpensive artists’ ateliers.


The Monocle Travel Guide Series: Honolulu

28 June 2016

There is more to Honolulu than aloha shirts and picture-postcard images of hula girls: our new travel guide reveals a dynamic urban centre packed with independent retailers, modernist architecture and a shave-ice stand or…


Monocle preview: July/August issue 2016

22 June 2016

Our double issue heralds the start of summer with the 10th edition of our annual Quality of Life Survey. Which cities have climbed the rankings? Who are the new entries? And most importantly, who is this year’s winner? Buy…


The Monocle Travel Guide Series: Sydney

21 June 2016

Sydney is a coastal crowd-pleaser that has long lured travellers to its shores and our 148-page hardback guide contains plenty of reasons to unpack your bags, settle in and linger a while. Published by Gestalten, our Sydney…


Most liveable city, 2016: Tokyo

20 June 2016

This city of 13 million nurtures a balance of hi-tech efficiency and traditional neighbourhood values – and it’s a combination that wins the Japanese capital the top spot for a second year running. Our film focuses on its…


Top 25 cities, 2016

20 June 2016

The ups and downs of our annual global ranking covering the world's most liveable cities – who's in and who's out?


Monocle x The House Hotel Collection

15 June 2016

Since 2007 the House Hotel Collection has been creating inspiring places to stay across Turkey, combining the country's rich heritage of design with seasoned hospitality.

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