Film series

The Monocle Travel Guide series

Join us for a filmic tour of the cities that make up our latest book releases. From Singapore’s retail to Honolulu’s architecture and design, the club scene of Berlin to the hushed backstreets of Kyoto, we uncover the lesser-known gems in the cities we love.

26 episodes

Speciality retail

We take stock of inspiring retailers around the globe who haven’t given up good old bricks and mortar. We sniff pristine stationery, savour delicate tea, touch the finest clothes and explore neighbourhoods where quality retail has brought a new lease of life.

13 episodes

Secret to...

Whether you want to perfect a skill or just power up your imagination, our ‘Secret to...’ series features a line-up of episodes to keep you inspired. From buying a painting and throwing a dinner party to running a restaurant and opening a bike shop, here’s how we like to see things done.

7 episodes