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The Pacific Shift

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The Entrepreneurs

There are 2.5 billion people with uncorrected vision problems. James Chen is a Hong Kong-based venture philanthropist and entrepreneur who’s on a mission to help the world see better – and he’s marshalling start-ups, government and non-profits to make it happen. This week Chen explains how he’s doing it and what he’s learnt along the way.

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The Pacific Shift

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Section D

At only 69 years old, Israel is a young country with countless identities. But what does this mean for the nation’s contemporary designers, artists and makers? We take a design-minded tour of the country to find out.

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The Pacific Shift

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The Urbanist

In the first episode of our Resite series we meet celebrated landscape architect Kathryn Gustafson and Paris’s deputy mayor Jean-Louis Missika at Forum Karlín in Prague.

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The Pacific Shift

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The Sessions at Midori House

British-Brazilian singer and former frontwoman of Smoke City Nina Miranda tells us about her new album ‘Freedom of Movement’ and performs a few new tracks alongside her 1990s hit ‘Underwater Love’.

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The Pacific Shift

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Meet the Writers

As a film-maker, comedian, radio and TV presenter, actor and bestselling author, Danny Wallace is a man of many talents. He’s formed a cult, created a country and spent months just saying “yes” – a project that became a hugely successful film starring Jim Carrey. Wallace joins Georgina Godwin to chat about his new book, in which he asks why we are all so bloody rude.

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The Pacific Shift

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The Globalist

The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

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The Continental Shift

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The Stack

We meet Emily Gosling, editor of ‘Typenotes’ magazine, talk to the editor of Austrian food title ‘All You Can Eat’ and chat with the editor of ‘Mekong Review’, Minh Bui Jones.

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The Continental Shift

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The Ten

A fast-paced daily news-and-views show packed with insight and opinion from Monocle's editors, live in our Midori House studios, from our global bureaux and on the road. Snappy analysis of the headlines and a glance at some offbeat stories you might have missed, guaranteed every weekday.

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The Continental Shift

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The Cinema Show

Setting sail on the blue waters of the Mediterranean, we explore the real-life locations behind some of our favourite films. Malta’s film commission explains how the tiny nation has acted as a stand-in for just about everywhere, we take a tour of Italy’s most cinematic coastline and we examine the extraordinary story behind the stunning 1958 film ‘Bonjour Tristesse’.

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The Continental Shift

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The Briefing

A pacy round-up of the day’s main news stories, anchored from London by a Monocle editor. The show features informed reporting, prescient business analysis and invaluable industry reports covering everything from technology to aviation and retail to media.

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The Continental Shift

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The Foreign Desk

As tensions continue to rise between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Andrew Mueller asks if the co-ordinated shunning of Qatar by many of its neighbours is just a distraction – and where this political stalemate could be heading.

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Culture with Robert Bound

Robert Bound is joined in the studio by co-founder of Unbound John Mitchinson, art critic and curator Francesca Gavin and film critic Karen Krizanovich to discuss the art, books and film to look out for this summer.

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The Atlantic Shift

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The Bulletin with UBS

Has there been something of a golden age of central bank support – and is it coming to an end? Our experts discuss the performance of these institutions since the financial crisis and consider how long their accommodative policies might continue.

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The Atlantic Shift

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Midori House

Join Monocle’s editors and guests drawn from our unrivalled pool of international commentators, analysts and experts to unpack the issues dominating the day’s agenda. From diplomatic wrangles and border disputes to big business and frontline politics, this is the programme you need to hear to make sense of a dynamic and sometimes volatile world.

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The Atlantic Shift

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The Urbanist

We bring you interviews with the mayor of Prague, Adriana Krnáčová; architects David Bravo and Ivan Kucina; lighting designer Leni Schwendinger; and city architect for Warsaw, Marlena Happach.

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The Atlantic Shift

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The Monocle Arts Review

Matt Alagiah is joined in the studio by author Cathy Rentzenbrink and Sarah Shaffi, online editor for ‘The Bookseller’, to review some of the best book releases from the past month. We head to Athens to see whether the latest influx of fairs and exhibitions has put the Greek capital on the art map and we nip over to the Royal Academy of Art for this year’s student show.

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The Atlantic Shift

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The Monocle Daily

Sets the agenda in Asia and considers what’s been dominating the day in Europe and North America. The programme is sometimes co-hosted out of our Toronto and New York bureaux and features regular interviews with special guests both there and across the Americas, as well as experts and analysts at our studios in London.

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