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The Pacific Shift

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Culture with Robert Bound

Hear from the people who put together this month’s culture section of Monocle. We find out about the factory that produces film sets for ‘Saturday Night Live’, discover what it’s like to be a TV critic and meet the woman behind a new arts concept in Toronto.

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The Pacific Shift

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The Entrepreneurs

In the world of high-end, long-lasting and much-loved furniture brands, Vitsœ is perhaps without rival. For more than 50 years, the company has manufactured and sold furniture designed by the legendary Dieter Rams. But how do you sustain a legacy of top design, not to mention a profitable business model, for more than half a century? This week we meet Vitsœ’s managing director Mark Adams – the man who saved the company from bankruptcy and who has ambitious plans for the brand’s future.

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The Pacific Shift

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Section D

We bring you interviews and analysis from the world’s premier forum on sustainability in fashion.

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The Pacific Shift

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The Bulletin with UBS

This week: are markets just calm or are investors being complacent? Despite the fact that the US equity market suffered its worst trading day in around eight months this week, in the main, volatility has been extraordinarily low. We’ll ask our expert panellists to explain why, historically, low volatility hasn’t been an indicator of future market stress. And with continuing strong earnings growth and broadly positive global economic sentiment around the world, can investors profit?

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The Pacific Shift

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The Urbanist

Topography versus urbanism: how a young Spanish mayor has reconnected the city, a look at Rio de Janeiro's cable car system and a preview tour of Seoul's new sky garden.

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The Globalist

We assess Donald Trump’s visit to Israel, ask whether the UK could ever really walk away with no deal from Brexit and get the latest film news from Cannes.

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The Continental Shift

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The Sessions at Midori House

’90s rock and pop favourites The Charlatans are back with a brand new album called ‘Different Days’. Tim Burgess and Mark Collins from the band come into the studio to play from it.

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Meet the Writers

‘The Girl From Aleppo’ is a book about a wheelchair-bound teenager who flees her home in Syria to live in Germany. Born with cerebral palsy, Nujeen Mustafa speaks openly about her experience and says refugees need compassion as much as they need shelter.

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The Continental Shift

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The Ten

A fast-paced daily news-and-views show packed with insight and opinion from Monocle's editors, live in our Midori House studios, from our global bureaux and on the road. Snappy analysis of the headlines and a glance at some offbeat stories you might have missed, guaranteed every weekday.

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The Continental Shift

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The Monocle Arts Review

We review the latest book and podcast releases with publisher John Mitchinson and writer Pete Naughton. Plus: art adviser Kathlene Fox-Davies gives us her take on Photo London, we meet a film producer to find out just how difficult it is to get your film on the big screen and we listen to Portugal’s top-five music chart.

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The Continental Shift

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The Briefing

A pacy round-up of the day’s main news stories, anchored from London by a Monocle editor. The show features informed reporting, prescient business analysis and invaluable industry reports covering everything from technology to aviation and retail to media.

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The Continental Shift

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The Menu

How Christina Arokiasamy wants to bring Malaysian cooking to the mainstream in the US, a top dining tip in Venice and the week’s headlines from Toronto.

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The Foreign Desk

Russia has had an impact on a vast range of the world’s biggest stories in recent years: from the war in Syria to the unrest in Ukraine and the election in the US. Monocle’s Steve Bloomfield is joined by former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrasov and author Ben Judah to unpack Russia’s foreign-policy strategy.

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The Atlantic Shift

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Midori House

Join Monocle’s editors and guests drawn from our unrivalled pool of international commentators, analysts and experts to unpack the issues dominating the day’s agenda. From diplomatic wrangles and border disputes to big business and frontline politics, this is the programme you need to hear to make sense of a dynamic and sometimes volatile world.

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The Atlantic Shift

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Section D

Everything you need to know about the world of design, from furniture to fashion and craft to architecture. Expect fresh stories, new finds and designers and all the latest news from the world’s most exciting studios.

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The Atlantic Shift

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The Cinema Show

The 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival got off to tense start as participants and audiences clashed over whether streaming giants ought to be allowed to compete. We assess the arguments. Plus: how Warner Bros got ‘King Arthur’ so terribly wrong and why the world’s most famous giant ape is taking on the Broadway musical.

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The Atlantic Shift

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The Monocle Daily

Sets the agenda in Asia and considers what’s been dominating the day in Europe and North America. The programme is sometimes co-hosted out of our Toronto and New York bureaux and features regular interviews with special guests both there and across the Americas, as well as experts and analysts at our studios in London.

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