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Want to hear from the authors, artists, creative thinkers and business leaders shaping your world? The Monocle Weekly presents just that on our longest-running radio programme.

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Adam Goodes:

In a special interview, Andrew Mueller catches up with Adam Goodes, a legend of Australian Rules football and the subject of a new documentary, ‘The Australian Dream’, which tells the story of Goodes’s life and career, and examines racism in sport and society.

Latest episodes

16 Jul 2021
15 min

Molly Lewis, professional whistler: 

Alexis Self speaks to LA whistler Molly Lewis about her debut EP ‘The Forgotten Edge’ – a paean to her hometown which takes its name from the little-known neighbourhood in which she resides – and the art and history of whistling.

7 Jul 2021
12 min

Marty Bell: 

In this special interview, Monocle 24’s senior correspondent Fernando Augusto Pacheco speaks to Marty Bell, founder of Poolsuite radio and Vacation sun cream.

25 Jun 2021
13 min

Paul Armand-Delille: 

In a special interview, Monocle 24’s senior correspondent Fernando Augusto Pacheco speaks to Polo (Paul Armand-Delille) from Parisian duo Polo & Pan on their sunny new album ‘Cyclorama’.

21 May 2021
17 min

Ghost ships of the Baltic Sea: 

Monocle’s Markus Hippi speaks to Swedish historian and entrepreneur Carl Douglas about his work searching for lost shipwrecks and his new photo book, ‘Ghost Ships of the Baltic Sea’.

13 May 2021
24 min

Francisco Garcia and the missing: 

Alexis Self speaks to writer Francisco Garcia about his debut book, ‘If You Were There’, which deals with the missing persons crisis in the UK. Garcia spoke to private investigators, charity workers and the family and friends of missing people in order to find out the root causes of the problem, and to try to better understand why his own father has been absent for so long.

19 Apr 2021
21 min

Geoff Dyer on Photography: 

Monocle’s Alexis Self speaks to writer Geoff Dyer, whose latest book, ‘See-Saw’, features his photography criticism published between 2010 and 2020, and essays on photographers and critics.

16 Apr 2021
18 min

Scott Gray: 

Monocle’s Culture editor, Chiara Rimella, is joined by the CEO and founder of the World Photography Organisation, Scott Gray. They discuss the recently held 2021 Sony World Photography awards and the impact of the pandemic on photography and the events industry at large.

22 Jan 2021
23 min

Lauren Oyler: 

‘The Monocle Weekly’ catches up with writer and critic Lauren Oyler, to learn more about her remarkable debut novel ‘Fake Accounts’, which explores the mendacity and compulsion woven into social media.

12 Jan 2021
30 min

Richard Mosse: 

In this exclusive interview, Monocle’s Augustin Macellari meets Richard Mosse, whose unique view on documentary photography has shone a fresh light on some of the world’s forgotten conflicts and offered audiences insight into the struggle of refugees seeking safety in Europe. From his studio in New York, he discusses his practice and tells us more about his new project in the Amazon.

211 Dec 2020
25 min

Peter Bagge: 

Legendary underground cartoonist Peter Bagge joins Monocle 24 to reflect on a career in comics as his seminal series ‘Hate’ is republished as a complete collection.

19 Nov 2020
17 min

Lisa Rovner: 

We meet Lisa Rovner, the director behind a new documentary ‘Sisters with Transistors’, which shines a light on the pioneering women who helped to shape early electronic music.

30 Oct 2020
12 min

Natalie Erika James: 

We meet Natalie Erika James, director of ‘Relic’, to learn more about ageing, loss and the very personal inspiration for her chilling debut.

29 Oct 2020
11 min

Richard Dawson: 

Monocle’s Augustin Macellari talks to songwriter Richard Dawson to learn more about the way his prophetic ‘2020’ album changed in light of the year’s tumult.

1719 Oct 2020
16 min

Rose Glass: 

We catch up with Rose Glass to learn about faith, art and film school as her stunning directorial debut ‘Saint Maud’ arrives in cinemas.

1612 Oct 2020
14 min

Carla Bruni: 

In this special interview, Monocle 24’s culture correspondent Fernando Augusto Pacheco speaks to singer-songwriter Carla Bruni about her eponymous new album, which was recorded during lockdown.



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