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Want to hear from the authors, artists, creative thinkers and business leaders shaping your world? Hosts Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound present just that on our longest-running radio programme.

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Paul MacAlindin, Michael Bird and Travis Elborough:

Orchestra conductor Paul MacAlindin describes how he helped musicians form the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq and we get a creative lesson in art history from Michael Bird, author of ‘Vincent’s Starry Night and Other Stories’. Plus: we celebrate open spaces with Travis Elborough, whose book “A Walk in the Park” is just that.

Latest episodes

37328 Aug 2016

Paul MacAlindin, Michael Bird and Travis Elborough: 

Orchestra conductor Paul MacAlindin describes how he helped musicians form the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq and we get a creative lesson in art history from Michael Bird, author of ‘Vincent’s Starry Night and Other Stories’. Plus: we celebrate open spaces with Travis Elborough, whose book “A Walk in the Park” is just that.

37221 Aug 2016

24-hour cities, falling box-office numbers and Canada's Unesco World Heritage Sites: 

As London unveils its Night Tube, we explore the concept of the 24-hour city. Meanwhile, we ask why the box office has struggled this summer and speak to Canada’s environment minister about the country’s process for picking Unesco World Heritage Sites.

37114 Aug 2016

Ben Wright, Dominic Wilcox and Sofia Serbin de Skalon: 

Journalist Ben Wright discusses his book ‘Order!, Order! The Rise and Fall of Political Drinking’. Meanwhile, artist, designer and inventor Dominic Wilcox talks us through a new exhibition designed for dogs and we meet Sofia Serbin de Skalon, director of London’s Argentine Film Festival that takes place this week.

3707 Aug 2016

Neil Hannon, Bernadette Murphy and Alicia Bastos: 

Neil Hannon, frontman and songwriter for the Divine Comedy, joins us to discuss new album “Foreverland”. We also unpick the mystery of one particular painter’s troubled life with Bernadette Murphy, author of ‘Van Gogh’s Ear’, and celebrate the culture of Rio and Brazil with Alicia Bastos, a curator at Braziliarty.

36931 Jul 2016

Sir Lockwood Smith, Henry Eliot and Martin Creed: 

Turner Prize-winning artist Martin Creed talks us through his music and new album ‘Thoughts Lined Up’. Plus: we welcome Sir Lockwood Smith, high commissioner of New Zealand to the UK, to the show and speak with Henry Eliot, writer and co-author of unconventional travel guide ‘Curiocity: In Pursuit of London’.

36824 Jul 2016

Simon Hucker, Ali McGregor, Adam Rawson and Joel Karamath: 

Simon Hucker from auction house Sotheby’s talks us through ‘Bowie/Collector’, their exhibition and upcoming auction of David Bowie’s personal art collection. Plus: cabaret and opera performer Ali McGregor tells us how to hold a note and chef Adam Rawson and curator Joel Karamath discuss ‘The Rhône Touch’, a new exhibition combining French wine and contemporary art.

36717 Jul 2016

DBC Pierre, Ethan Hawke and Joanne Rosenthal : 

Man Booker Prize winning author DBC Pierre tells us how to write a novel, as detailed in his new book ‘Release the Bats’, Hollywood actor Ethan Hawke looks back on the life of jazz musician Chet Baker – the subject of his new film ‘Born to be Blue’ – and curator Joanne Rosenthal talks us through new exhibition ‘Jukebox, Jewkbox! A Century on Shellac and Vinyl’.

36610 Jul 2016

David Goldblatt, Gillian McCain and Matt Potter: 

We look forward to the Rio Olympics with journalist David Goldblatt, author of new book ‘The Games: A Global History of the Olympics’. Plus: Gillian McCain joins us to discuss the stories behind music book ‘Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk’, which is 20 years old this year, and we welcome back writer and journalist Matt Potter to learn how to write the perfect resignation letter – post-Brexit.

3653 Jul 2016

Michael Kiwanuka, Dr Matthew Green and Ellen Wettmark: 

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound welcome singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka to Midori House to discuss his new album ‘Love & Hate’. We also hear from historian Dr Matthew Green, who explains the history of London through seven drinks. Plus: Ellen Wettmark, cultural attaché for the Swedish embassy in London, tells us what makes brand Sweden so popular.

36426 Jun 2016

Henry Dimbleby, Nadine Chahine, Malou Verlomme and Chris Watson: 

Restaurateur, writer and food specialist Henry Dimbleby discusses the virtues of London’s food markets, typographers Nadine Chahine and Malou Verlomme of design agency Monotype explain their new font ‘Johnston100’ and Chris Watson, the pioneering musician and sound recordist for natural history programmes, tells us about his new event ‘The Town Moor – A Portrait in Sound’.

36319 Jun 2016

William Sitwell, Alex Cuadros and Elisabeth Kögler: 

William Sitwell discusses his new book ‘Eggs or Anarchy’, which tells the story of how the UK stayed fed during the Second World War. Plus: we talk to journalist Alex Cuadros about his book ‘Brazillionaires’ and the emergence of Brazil’s super rich, and Elisabeth Kögler, director of the Austrian Cultural Forum London, explains why the arts are one of the nation’s strongest assets.

36212 Jun 2016

Damian Barr, James Franklin, Gold Panda and Alistair Spalding: 

Andrew Tuck and Tom Edwards meet writer Damian Barr and wine expert James Franklin to discuss their new project A Book and a Bottle, which matches reds and good reads. We also talk music and travel with producer Gold Panda and learn why dance is on the move in 2016 with Alistair Spalding, artistic director of London’s Sadler’s Wells theatre.

3615 Jun 2016

Nicolas Winding Refn, Flume and Nahlah Ayed: 

On this week’s The Monocle Weekly we welcome film director Nicolas Winding Refn, Australian musician Flume and Canadian journalist Nahlah Ayed who talks to us about her experience in North Korea.

36029 May 2016

Emmy the Great, Catie Marron and Mark Dunhill: 

Musician Emmy the Great explains how her dual English and Chinese heritage is informing her new music and we hear from author Catie Marron about some of the world’s most inviting city squares. Plus: we chat to Mark Dunhill of London’s Central Saint Martins school of art about its place in the city’s creative scene.

35922 May 2016

Maja Hoffmann, Bobby Gillespie, Guy Masterson and Bob Paisley: 

Arts patron, collector and founder of the Luma Foundation Maja Hoffmann tells us how to keep creativity moving, Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream explains how the group stay future-focused, and theatre-director Guy Masterson and actor Bob Paisley discuss their new play ‘Bill Clinton Hercules’.

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