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Want to hear from the authors, artists, creative thinkers and business leaders shaping your world? Hosts Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound present just that on our longest-running radio programme.

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Ling Lee, Nadine Chahine, Alicia Bastos and DJ Limao:

We talk to Ling Lee, co-curator of ‘Robots’, the new exhibition at London’s Science Museum, which looks at the relationship between humans and our mechanical friends. Plus: typographer Nadine Chahine on how to make fonts more recognisable and a preview of this weekend’s Rio Carnival with culture and music specialists Alicia Bastos and DJ Limao.

Latest episodes

24 Feb 2017

The Classics 10: Jeff Staple: 

We listen to a chat with designer and sneakerhead Jeff Staple from The Monocle Weekly’s archive. Back in August 2015, Jeff’s take on the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB had just been put in the Brooklyn Museum and the collector was overseeing a sneaker auction too. He joined Monocle’s editor Andrew Tuck and culture editor Robert Bound to explain how to spot a classic pair.

Original air date: 2 August 2015.

39819 Feb 2017

Ling Lee, Nadine Chahine, Alicia Bastos and DJ Limao: 

We talk to Ling Lee, co-curator of ‘Robots’, the new exhibition at London’s Science Museum, which looks at the relationship between humans and our mechanical friends. Plus: typographer Nadine Chahine on how to make fonts more recognisable and a preview of this weekend’s Rio Carnival with culture and music specialists Alicia Bastos and DJ Limao.

17 Feb 2017

The Classics 9: Mira Awad: 

In a week that has seen US-Israeli relations hit the headlines, we rewind one year to March 2016 on ‘The Monocle Weekly’, when the show was joined by singer and actress Mira Awad. She tells us about her Palestinian and Arab heritage within her home country’s music scene, which has made her a prominent voice for representing divided cultures.

Original air date: 13 March 2016.

39712 Feb 2017

Bettany Hughes, Ander Monson and Philip Hook: 

We retrace Istanbul’s identities with Bettany Hughes, author of ‘Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities’. Essayist Ander Monson explains writing project ‘March Fadness’, which celebrates music’s one-hit wonders. And Philip Hook, senior director from Sotheby’s, discusses ‘Rogues' Gallery: A History of Art and its Dealers’, showing how art dealers can be as influential as artists.

10 Feb 2017

The Classics 8: Mary Pilon: 

A listen through ‘The Monocle Weekly’ archives to a chat from 2015 with journalist and author Mary Pilon. She’d just written a book telling the story of the world’s favourite board game, Monopoly. Monopoly’s history began 30 years earlier than commonly believed with an unsung player, Elizabeth Magie, who created the template for today’s iconic game.

Original air date: 8 March 2015.

3965 Feb 2017

Derek Thompson, Graham Fink and Julius Wiedemann: 

We learn the secret ingredients and shadowy forces behind what creates a hit – be it a song, app or meme – with Derek Thompson, author of new book ‘Hit Makers’. Plus, artist and ad man Graham Fink explains his new exhibition ‘Stone Souls’ and some of his most famous campaigns. And we look at the artists who designed some of music’s best record sleeves with Julius Wiedemann, editor of Taschen’s ‘Art Record Covers’.

1 Feb 2017

The Classics 7: Steven Pinker: 

In our latest look back into 'The Monocle Weekly' archives, we revisit a discussion with human-behavioural expert and cognitive scientist Steven Pinker. He joined Monocle’s Steve Bloomfield and Sophie Grove to discuss his book 'The Better Angels of Our Nature', and why he thinks that despite all the bad news we see – the world really is becoming a more peaceful place.

Original air date: 21 October November 2012.

39529 Jan 2017

Robin Lustig, Nathan Hill and Andrew Wong: 

Journalist and foreign-affairs specialist Robin Lustig joins us to discuss his life as a newsman, as detailed in his new book ‘Is Anything Happening?’ We also meet Nathan Hill, writer of ‘The Nix’ – the debut novel that’s been lauded by critics and snapped up for a future TV series – and we bring in Chinese New Year with chef Andrew Wong, who explains his Taste of China menu.

39422 Jan 2017

Ben Fountain, Dan Tickner and Mark Craig: 

Author Ben Fountain reflects on the week that saw Donald Trump inaugurated as the US president and tells us how his book ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ – which has been adapted by Oscar-winning director Ang Lee – became a hit. Plus: music specialist Dan Tickner introduces his new title ‘Recorder’ magazine, the first issue of which will focus on David Bowie, and we re-listen to a discussion about the life of pioneering astronaut Eugene Cernan, who died this week.

39315 Jan 2017

Dale Pinnock, Ed Eisler and Tomos Lewis: 

Dale Pinnock, known as the ‘medicinal chef’, gives Robert Bound and Tom Edwards food for thought as we start the new year. We also find out where to find the world’s best teas with Ed Eisler, founder of Jing Tea, and Monocle’s Tomos Lewis discusses the virtues of waterside living in his adopted home of Toronto.

3928 Jan 2017

Stuart Semple, Tim Marshall and Anna Smith: 

Artist Stuart Semple explains why he created what he thinks is the world’s pinkest-ever shade of pink; foreign-affairs journalist Tim Marshall discusses the history of flags as detailed in his book ‘Worth Dying For: The Power and Politics of Flags’; and we look ahead to some of 2017’s most anticipated film releases with critic Anna Smith.

3911 Jan 2017

Looking ahead to 2017: 

We talk to our bureau chiefs around the globe to look ahead to what the new year will bring in the worlds of global affairs, culture, design and more.

39025 Dec 2016

The Monocle Weekly Christmas special: 

Featuring British actor Jason Isaacs discussing new Netflix hit ‘The OA’, food with Danish writer Trine Hahnemann, wine with Kathleen Burk, music from Bill Laurance and design chat with Peter Murray and Eva Calduch.

38918 Dec 2016

The Monocle Weekly: best of 2016: 

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound revisit some of our favourite chats from the past 12 months. Includes Italian director Luca Guadagnino, actor Ethan Hawke, broadcaster and comedy favourite Harry Shearer and many more.

38811 Dec 2016

Leo Villareal, Sarah Gaventa, Tom Burges Watson, Ben Parker and Margaret Sweeney: 

Light-artist Leo Villareal and public-space expert Sarah Gaventa discuss ‘The Illuminated River’: a bold new plan to light up London’s bridges at night. Plus: journalist Tom Burges Watson on France 24’s 10th anniversary and we hear from Ben Parker of Made Thought – and paper-business expert Margaret Sweeney – about how they’re looking to the future with paper brand GF Smith.

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