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958 15 Jul 2015

Wednesday 15 July: 

We look at how Japan’s military will progress after its role is expanded, ask whether Dominique Strauss-Kahn has an economic or political future and learn why the Slovenian band Laibach is headed to North Korea.

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957 14 Jul 2015

Tuesday 14 July: 

We discuss Iran’s nuclear future, learn why Russian military planes are crashing with such regularity and get the latest architecture top stories.

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956 13 Jul 2015

Monday 13 July: 

We discuss the latest from Athens on Greece’s new bailout, learn about the changing face of journalism across Africa and hear why architectural and social progress in Detroit comes at a heavy cost.

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955 10 Jul 2015

Friday 10 July: 

Emma Nelson and Paul Osbourne go over the day's top stories, including Greece, an aviation round-up and why Ikea is looking to expand into India.

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954 9 Jul 2015

Thursday 9 July: 

Greece has made its final bailout proposal before the midnight deadline. So what lies ahead? And in just one year, Chinese stock markets gained $6.5trn, but is the bubble bursting? Plus, New Zealand is joining the private space race with plans to build an orbital launch site close to Christchurch. We also explore the king of all department stores, New York’s Bergdorf Goodman, and leaf through the day's newspapers.

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953 8 Jul 2015

Wednesday 8 July: 

We ask what the future holds for Turkey one month after its election with no coalition government formed, learn if Bernie Sanders could cause problems for Hilary Clinton and hear why Tunisia wants to put a wall along its border with Libya.

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952 7 Jul 2015

Tuesday 7 July: 

We get the view from Europe on the latest developments in the Greek debt crisis, hear why Madrid is changing its street signs and learn why the Fray Bentos factory in Uruguay is now a Unesco World Heritage site.

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951 6 Jul 2015

Monday 6 July: 

We analyse the fallout of the Greek “No” vote live in Athens and, from the studio, learn why Tony Abbott is trying to stop Australian politicians appearing on a popular talk show. Plus: we look at the latest headlines from across Asia.

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950 3 Jul 2015

Friday 3 July: 

Andrew Mueller and Emma Nelson take a look at the news making the headlines in Asia, celebrate the city of Granada and get a film tip from Ben Rylan in the latest Monocle Cinémathèque.

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949 2 Jul 2015

Thursday 2 July: 

Days after Colombia’s Farc rebels bombed an oil pipeline and said they’ll step up attacks on the security forces, we ask what hope remains for the peace process. Plus, we’ll hear about a state-owned media sell-off in Serbia and we meet the man behind the book ‘The League Of Regrettable Superheroes’. We also leaf through the Asian papers.

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948 1 Jul 2015

Wednesday 1 July: 

After Greece fails to pay money owed to the IMF, we ask what happens to states that defy the Fund. We also turn to Puerto Rico, which has kept default at bay by making payments due today, but remains far from free of debt. Plus, we hear about Flip, the international literary festival underway in Brazil.

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947 30 Jun 2015

Tuesday 30 June: 

As Greece heads towards a deadline to repay €1.6bn to the IMF, we discuss the impact of a default. Plus our Brazil correspondent reports on Dilma Rousseff’s visit to the US and we take a look at protests against proposed energy price hikes in Armenia.

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