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759 2 Oct 2014

We assess Turkey’s decision to send troops into Syria and Iraq, talk to journalist and author Aris Roussinos about his new book and discover why some major French museums have decided to extend their opening hours.

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758 1 Oct 2014

Mehrad Vaezinejad assesses Iran’s intention to supply arms to the Lebanese army. We also discuss Israeli airline El Al’s treatment of ultra-orthodox passengers and pay tribute to the world’s oldest working clown.

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757 30 Sep 2014

Malte Kaeding discusses what the Hong Kong protesters might settle for, we ask Hassan al-Amin about the challenges being faced by Libya, Tristan McAllister has the week’s transport news, and we review the today’s front pages.

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756 29 Sep 2014

All the latest news from the Syrian-Turkish border. We also hear about the recent surge in violence against politicians in Mexico and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US.

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755 26 Sep 2014

A look at what exiting US attorney-general Eric Holder’s legacy will be, we analyse Narendra Modi’s new “Make in India” campaign ahead of his US visit, and discuss the likelihood of Belgrade going ahead with a gay parade on the weekend.

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754 25 Sep 2014

We ask what Eric Holder’s legacy will be, analyse Narendra Modi's new ‘Make in India’ campaign ahead of his US visit and discuss the likelihood of Belgrade holding a gay parade at the weekend.

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753 24 Sep 2014

The latest from the Syrian border, we analyse Ed Miliband’s speech with Bill Clinton’s former speech-writer David Kusnet, and look back at the life of Duchess-of-Devonshire Deborah Mitford’s life.

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752 23 Sep 2014

Afzal Ashraf from RUSI discusses the Syrian airstrikes, we get the latest from Sierra Leone as the WHO releases its latest Ebola forecast and look at Venezuela’s plans to disarm its population.

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751 22 Sep 2014

We get the latest from the Syrian-Turkish border with Isabel Hunter, assess attempts at making peace in Yemen with Iona Craig and Adam Baron, and ask what the recent climate marches might achieve.

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750 19 Sep 2014

A look at the implications of Scotland’s decision to stay as part of the UK, we learn what John Kerry hoped to achieve as he chaired a UN Security Council meeting today, check out gourmet food at high altitude, and Guy De Launey guides us through a night out in Belgrade.

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749 18 Sep 2014

A look at what the Scottish referendum reveals about changing trends in global politics, we ask why Nasa is hoping to be less reliant on Russia, and review the Asian front pages.

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748 17 Sep 2014

We discuss Obama’s pledge that the US will not fight another ground war in Iraq, explore Australia’s potential purchase of Japanese submarines and hear from Amin Ghaziani, author of There Goes the Gayborhood?.

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