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786 10 Nov 2014

What obstacles lie in the way of Nicolas Sarkozy’s political comeback? We also analyse historic grievances in Catalonia, discuss the Keystone XL pipeline and head to Ireland for Europe’s first economics festival.

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785 7 Nov 2014

As Germany prepares to mark 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we assess the role that both faith and music played in 1989 and their place in the nation today. Plus, we ask why Mexico has scrapped a high-speed rail project, and recommend how to spend your Friday night in Istanbul.

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784 6 Nov 2014

As thousands of people protest in the centre of Brussels against government-imposed austerity, we assess who might win the standoff. Plus, we ask why western militaries find it so hard to train the armies of other countries and visit the North Korean embassy in London for a rather unique art exhibition.

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783 5 Nov 2014

Updates from Burkina Faso, which is now under military rule, we ask whether the detainment of the mayor of Iguala in Mexico will help reveal the location of 43 missing students there, and enjoy a preview of this year’s Giller Prize for fiction taking place in Toronto.

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782 4 Nov 2014

On midterm election day in the US we hear from Kansas, Kentucky and New Hampshire on crucial Senate races. We also weigh up how Hezbollah intends to defeat Isis, while authors Jazz Johnson and Dirk Wittenborn describe the art of modern social climbing.

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781 3 Nov 2014

As Bolivia’s president commissions a new palace in La Paz, design writer Peter York assess why the homes of heads of state can be so politically potent. Plus a look ahead to the midterm elections in the US.

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780 31 Oct 2014

As Jerusalem’s Temple Mount reopens amid tight security, will divisions over the site’s future ever be reconciled? We also ask whose drones have been flying above French nuclear sites and mark the Halloween holiday with author Robin Ince.

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779 30 Oct 2014

We assess the situation in Burkina Faso as unrest continues outside parliament. We also examine Enrique Peña Nieto's efforts to find Mexico's missing students, preview the upcoming elections in Romania and flick through Asia’s front pages.

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778 29 Oct 2014

As the death of Zambia’s president leaves a white man of Scottish descent in charge, we ask if race matters in the African nation. Plus an exploration of the history of cowardice.

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777 28 Oct 2014

A look at the future of Syria’s three-million refugees, analysis of Air France-KLM’s prospects as rumours fly that the airline could soon cut 7,500 jobs, and we mark the end of the Rob Ford-era in Toronto.

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776 27 Oct 2014

We analyse what Ukraine's election results indicate, look a reality show aimed to keep Nepalese politicians accountable and learn how to dress for a Victorian funeral.

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775 24 Oct 2014

We discuss elections in Brazil and Uruguay, analyse the process for choosing Olympic cities and review the Asian newspapers with Heidi Wang.

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