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802 2 Dec 2014

A closer look at Tunisian politics, we learn about Australia’s underwater ambitions, and analyse the tense relationship between American retailers and Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba. Plus, a review of the Asian newspapers with Ramon Pacheco Pardo.

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801 1 Dec 2014

On today’s Monocle Daily we discuss Turkish geopolitics, political comebacks, and a Mexican comic legend. Plus, how New York is revitalising spaces that sit underneath the city’s elevated transit infrastructure, and why a large straw goat is essential to any Swedish Christmas.

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800 28 Nov 2014

We discuss politics in Brazil, Uruguay, and Namibia, as well as reviewing the Asian newspapers with an Indian focus. Plus: a Friday night out with our man in Vienna.

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799 27 Nov 2014

What is behind Opec's decision not to cut oil output? We also hear from Greece as unions stage a strike and ask why a Venezuelan course on the teachings of Hugo Chavez is so popular. Plus: we leaf through the latest edition of the Nikkei Asian Review.

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798 26 Nov 2014

We explore how sanctions on Russia are hurting European industries, analyse a political threat to Angela Merkel, meet documentary-maker Hernán Vilchez and discuss the life of Lebanese music legend Sabah.

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797 25 Nov 2014

Peace talks in Colombia and terrorism warnings in Norway, Ben Murtagh reviews the Asian newspapers, Grub Street's Sierra Tishgart explores the politics of professional kitchens and we take a lesson in Finnish calligraphy.

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796 24 Nov 2014

Among stories on today’s show we analyse the resignation of US defence secretary Chuck Hagel, our correspondent in Tunisia profiles politician Béji Caïd Essebsi, and environmental historian Catherine McNeur explains her book Taming Manhattan.

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795 21 Nov 2014

A preview of the Tunisian elections with Monocle's correspondent in Tunis, plus we talk about the construction of the Nicaragua Canal. We also review the Asian front pages with Dibyesh Anand and meet secret sidekicks through history with author Julia Rothman.

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794 20 Nov 2014

With President Obama about to unveil his plans to fix America's broken immigration system, we ask how he aims to do it. Plus: our first weekly chat about the latest issue of the Nikkei Asian Review, a tribute to the Duchess of Alba and a review of the latest headlines from the Asian newspapers.

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793 19 Nov 2014

What’s next for Israel after yesterday’s attack and where do Colombia’s peace talks stand as Farc rebels confirm the kidnap of an army general? Plus we check out what’s changing in Parkdale and pay tribute to Japanese film star Ken Takakur.

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792 18 Nov 2014

What was Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's reaction to the attacks in Jerusalem? We also have the latest on Brazil's Petrobras scandal and look at a few surprises in UAE's new list of terrorist organisations.

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791 17 Nov 2014

As Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos suspends talks with rebel group Farc, are we watching the end of a two-year push for peace? We also look at the “golden visa” scandal in Portugal and read up on how the Brothers Grimm really intended their fairytales to be told.

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