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868 11 Mar 2015

Wednesday 11 March: 

US secretary of state John Kerry reveals his frustration over the Republicans’ letter to Iran and we hear from author Andrew Zimbalist on why hosting the Olympics may not be that appealing after all. Plus the greatest pieces of music plagiarism.

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867 10 Mar 2015

Tuesday 10 March: 

As Ukraine claims pro-Russian rebels are using a ceasefire to regroup, we discuss the situation with defence correspondent Robert Fox. We also hear of reasons for so many oil train derailments in North America and ask why a new airport can be the solution to boost northern-lights tourism in Norway.

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866 9 Mar 2015

Monday 9 March : 

As Vladimir Putin admits that he planned the annexation of Crimea, we ask why the revelation now. We also discuss the future of architectural designs with Marc Kushner and hear details of Apple’s iWatch launch.

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865 6 Mar 2015

Friday 6 March: 

Andrew Mueller and Emma Nelson look at the top stories around the world. Plus, why Berlin is putting the breaks on gentrification, and we breakdown all you need to know for a Friday night in Amsterdam.

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864 5 Mar 2015

Thursday 5 March: 

After Britain’s prime minister undermines plans for a series of pre-election TV debates, we discuss the dynamics of democracy on the small screen. Plus, as controversy grows over Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email for work while serving as US secretary of state, we assess the scale of the scandal, review the news from Asia, and visit a new London exhibition all about beards.

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863 4 Mar 2015

Wednesday 4 March: 

As Obamacare is scrutinised again at the US Supreme Court, we get the latest from the International Business Times’ Ginger Gibson. Plus, we discuss India’s ban of the film ‘India's Daughter’, review the other news from Asia and catch up with our new bureau chief in Toronto, Tomos Lewis.

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862 3 Mar 2015

Tuesday 3 March: 

We report on the mixed reactions to Israel’s prime minister in Washington. Plus we examine the consequences of Venezuela throwing US embassy staff out of the country and peruse the items up for grabs as Toronto's mayor puts the contents of his closet on eBay.

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861 2 Mar 2015

Monday 2 March: 

Is Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov more dangerous to Vladimir Putin dead than alive? Commentators Robert Fox and John Everard discuss this and the day’s other main news stories.

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860 27 Feb 2015

Friday 27 February: 

A look at the increasingly strained and strange relationship between Israel and the US Democrat party, we review the weekend's Asian newspapers, and get tips for a perfect Friday evening in in Gold Coast, Australia.

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859 26 Feb 2015

Thursday 26 February: 

Could the much-broken ceasefire be repairing itself as Ukraine starts withdrawing heavy artillery from the front lines? We also hear what Argentina is doing to its intelligence agency and check in on the highlights from Milan Fashion Week.

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858 25 Feb 2015

Wednesday 25 February: 

A look at how close the ties are between Isis and Boko Haram, we hear how the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ paper is trying to return to business as normal, and find out what the chances are of Qantas successfully cracking down on airport-lounge dress standards.

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857 24 Feb 2015

Tuesday 24 February: 

We hear what Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko wants to achieve at the Idex arms expo in Abu Dhabi, learn why Albania preparing to publish its communist-era files, and review Wednesday’s newspapers from across Asia.

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