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10419 Nov 2015

Monday 9 November: 

The EU’s foreign-policy chief has touched down in Kiev but how much European sentiment is left in Ukraine? Plus: Barack Obama finds out how tense a handshake can be as he sits down with Benjamin Netanyahu, we hear from Burmese voters and discuss the corruption scandal in Germany that has cost its football chief his job.

10406 Nov 2015

Friday 6 November: 

Emma Nelson and Paul Osborne look at the latest claims of chemical warfare in Syria. Then we cover the last day of campaigning in the Myanmar elections and how Aung San Suu Kyi is fairing in the race. Plus we review the Asian front pages and see how the UK is doing in the box office and singles charts around the world.

10395 Nov 2015

Thursday 5 November: 

We discuss why the PKK has ended its fragile ceasefire with the Turkish government, learn why Justin Trudeau has reintroduced the national census in Canada and hear from astronaut Colonel Ron Garan about why Nasa is trying to recruit more astronauts.

10384 Nov 2015

Wednesday 4 November: 

Flights between Britain and Sharm el-Sheikh have been suspended following Saturday’s crash of a Russian airliner. We look at why Downing Street made the decision. We then turn to Romania to find out why its PM has resigned after a nightclub fire. And we meet Justin Trudeau’s cabinet as he officially becomes Canada’s 23rd prime minister.

10373 Nov 2015

Tuesday 3 November: 

We get the latest on the investigation into what brought the Russian plane down over Sinai and discuss how Egypt’s politicians are handling the crash. We also hear that the plans for the Keystone XL pipeline are paused and ask whether president Obama still weigh in on the project. Plus: we meet Wow air’s CEO Skúli Mogensen.

10362 Nov 2015

Monday 2 November: 

Why is Iran potentially pulling out of Syrian peace talks? We also explore the covert Chinese radio stations broadcasting in the US and take a closer look at why San Francisco residents are harbouring resentment towards the growing tech industry.

103530 Oct 2015

Friday 30 October: 

We end the week by profiling Mauricio Macri, the opposition candidate in Argentina’s presidential elections who’s managed to force Peronist darling Daniel Scioli into a second round of voting next month. We also take a look at Nicolas Sarkozy’s Russophilia and reveal the five highest-grossing horror flicks of all time in a Monocle Halloween-film special.

103429 Oct 2015

Thursday 29 October: 

David Schenker discusses Friday’s diplomatic summit in Vienna, Josh Gerstein analyses Paul Ryan’s political career and journalist Alan Friedman shares his new book ‘My Way: Berlusconi In His Own Words’. Plus: Wyoming’s governor explains why he’s promoting his state in the UK and John Everard reviews the Asian newspapers.

103328 Oct 2015

Wednesday 28 October: 

As Iran accepts the invite to Syrian peace talks in Vienna, we wonder whether this could be what’s needed to end the conflict in Syria. Also, as the US Airforce invests $80bn (€73bn) in new stealth bombers, we ask Marcus Weisgerber of Defense One what exactly the US is buying. Plus: as Canada’s prime minister-designate prepares to move today, we look at where the new world leader is going to live.

103227 Oct 2015

Tuesday 27 October: 

As the death toll rises after a deadly earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Taliban asks for help. We look at how to manage aid and security tensions with ‘The New York Times’ journalist Rod Nordland. We also learn how effective product placement is when it comes to the James Bond franchise. Plus: Obama calls for stricter gun control at a national meeting of police chiefs in Chicago.

103126 Oct 2015

Monday 26 October: 

We get the latest reaction from Buenos Aires as a new political battle unfolds in Argentina to win a run-off ballot. We also learn why Guatemalan voters decided to take a chance on a comedian turned president. Plus: Turkey’s government decides to pass on daylight savings until after their national election. Will this move get more people to the polls?

103023 Oct 2015

Friday 23 October: 

We look ahead to the weekend’s Argentine elections, hear why Russia is willing to credit Iran and discuss a contoversy surrounding Fendi’s new HQ.

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