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767 14 Oct 2014

As the UK parliament votes on the recognition of Palestine, we assess notions of statehood. Author Paul Barrett introduces his new book and we are live at London’s Guildhall for the announcement of the Man Booker Prize.

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766 13 Oct 2014

As the French economist Jean Tirole is awarded the Nobel Prize in economics, we assess the effectiveness of global financial regulation. You can also hear a veteran Vatican commentator with the latest from the family synod in Rome and our round-up of the opening weekend of India’s new football league.

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765 10 Oct 2014

As North Korea agrees to EU human-rights talks, we ask what it might mean for the nation. Plus, we review the new Norwegian banknotes and go through the day’s front pages.

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764 9 Oct 2014

We discuss the logistical challenges of Ebola screenings at airports, uncover the latest Brazilian election controversy and report from Monocle book-launch parties in Madrid and Toronto.

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763 8 Oct 2014

We ask how much more could have been done to prevent the outbreak of Ebola, get the latest from HTC’s new product launch and review the day’s Asian papers.

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762 7 Oct 2014

We discuss how much reporting is to be believed from inside the Isis-controlled area, we look at the role of women in Brazilian politics and hear how President Putin celebrated his birthday.

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761 6 Oct 2014

Is the Syrian border town of Kobani about to fall or will a defence mounted by female Kurdish fighters help stop Isis advances? We also discuss the Hong Kong protests and find out why Zurich is a hub for innovation.

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760 3 Oct 2014

We look ahead to the Brazilian presidential elections, get the latest from Pyongyang and investigate why Norway pulled out of the running for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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759 2 Oct 2014

We assess Turkey’s decision to send troops into Syria and Iraq, talk to journalist and author Aris Roussinos about his new book and discover why some major French museums have decided to extend their opening hours.

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758 1 Oct 2014

Mehrad Vaezinejad assesses Iran’s intention to supply arms to the Lebanese army. We also discuss Israeli airline El Al’s treatment of ultra-orthodox passengers and pay tribute to the world’s oldest working clown.

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757 30 Sep 2014

Malte Kaeding discusses what the Hong Kong protesters might settle for, we ask Hassan al-Amin about the challenges being faced by Libya, Tristan McAllister has the week’s transport news, and we review the today’s front pages.

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756 29 Sep 2014

All the latest news from the Syrian-Turkish border. We also hear about the recent surge in violence against politicians in Mexico and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US.

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