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32925 Oct 2015

Changing tunes: 

Steve Bloomfield and Daniel Giacopelli meet writer and filmmaker Sacha Jenkins to discuss fashion’s influence on hip-hop. We also talk to author Alex Marshall about the roots of national anthems. Plus: we hear from Efe Cakarel, the Turkish founder of film-streaming service Mubi, about how to curate the internet’s endless viewing options.

32818 Oct 2015

Open minds: 

Tom Edwards and Daniel Giacopelli are joined by war-reporter Matthew Green. They also meet Ruth Ball, the trained chemist who turned her scientific expertise to that essential brain tonic – booze. Plus: the team talks to Christopher Green, the performer, writer and artist who’s turning his mesmerising gaze to hypnotism.

32711 Oct 2015

World leaders : 

Robert Bound and Tom Edwards are joined by Tate Modern’s international art curator Flavia Frigeri to discuss ‘The World Goes Pop’. Plus, we hear from Mohamed Fahmy, the formerly imprisoned journalist who has now left Egypt, about the state of press freedom; and solo sailor Alex Thomson joins us to discuss his new multi-million pound boat that will take him from France to Brazil.

3264 Oct 2015

Playing to the gallery: 

Andrew Tuck and Tom Edwards meet the satirical artist and author Miriam Elia to find out why galleries – and the publishing industry – are ripe for humorous critique. Plus, chocolatier Paul A Young explains all about London Chocolate Week while Australian writer and journalist Stuart Braun describes the lure of Berlin to artists and outsiders.

32527 Sep 2015

Other worlds: 

Robert Bound and Andrew Tuck hear from Doug Millard and Alexandra Smirnova, curators of the new ‘Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age’ exhibition at London’s Science Museum. They also meet legendary music photographer Mick Rock and celebrate the best in Norwegian design with the organisers and co-curators of 100% Norway.

32420 Sep 2015

Higher learning: 

Robert Bound and Steve Bloomfield hear from celebrated novelist Sebastian Faulks about exploring the human mind while rethinking the 20th century’s biggest events. We also talk to sports writer Donald McRae about the story of world-champion boxer Emile Griffith and look skywards with Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of The Cloud Appreciation Society.

32313 Sep 2015

Creative spaces: 

Steve Bloomfield and Markus Hippi discuss artists’ studios with Olivier Widmaier Picasso – the producer, lawyer and grandson of a certain Pablo. Plus, Australian culinary icon Donna Hay talks about the country’s food scene and her book ‘The New Easy’ and film critic Jason Solomons analyses the controversial career of Woody Allen, who is the subject of his new book.

3226 Sep 2015

Behind the scenes: 

Andrew Tuck and Steve Bloomfield reappraise the life of 20th-century intellectual giant Gore Vidal with his friend and biographer Jay Parini. We also take a look at exploitation-cinema posters with film director Nicolas Winding Refn and film writer Alan Jones. Plus: geographer turned comedian Mark Cooper-Jones gets a few laughs from the lie of the land.

32130 Aug 2015

Cover versions: 

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound meet music-writer Peter Doggett to question whether the story of pop music is still moving forward. We also hear from film-director Abel Ferrara about his new biopic that looks at the troubled life of Italian film-icon Pier Paolo Pasolini. Plus: former art-director for ‘The New York Times’ Steven Heller dissects a new collection from Taschen of the futurist book covers that emerged from Weimar-era Germany.

32023 Aug 2015

Weird wild west: 

Robert Bound and Tom Edwards grapple with the origins of some ghoulish intruders as they talk to author Roger Luckhurst about his new book ‘Zombies: A Cultural History’. We also hear about some more welcome visitors as we chat to Matthew Shaw, curator of ‘Animal Tales’, an exhibition at the British Library looking at our fury friends as depicted in literature. Plus: chief film critic at ‘New York Magazine’ David Edelstein discusses the box-office success that is ‘Straight Outta Compton’.

31916 Aug 2015

Roll on summer : 

Tom Edwards and Steve Bloomfield explore the sights, sounds and tastes of summer. We cover DJ legend Norman Jay, then take to the waves with author William Finnegan and discuss his new book devoted to surfing, ‘Barbarian Days’. Plus we hear Pete Brown’s musings on the trends and culture on that most vital of summer beverages: beer.

3189 Aug 2015

Nicely done: 

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound meet style guru Peter York to learn why he’s trying to become a nicer person. Plus, we here about the Travel Photographer of the Year event with Chris Coe and learn why cricket is in need of rediscovering its gentlemanly reputation with sports writer Sam Collins.

3172 Aug 2015

Setting scenes: 

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound talk to Tellart’s Matt Cottam about how to integrate technology into places of learning such as London’s Science Museum. We also meet Japanese photographer Tomoko Yoneda to chat about her serene images of dramatic locations. Plus: designer Jeff Staple educates the team about what it means, and costs, to be a true sneakerhead.

31626 Jul 2015

City stories: 

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound meet writer Brian Case to discuss meeting Al Pacino, Michael Caine, jazz greats and more. They also learn how to depict the city of London with photographer Rut Blees Luxemburg and hear why Danish band Efterklang are putting on an opera in one of Copenhagen’s Cold War bunkers.

31519 Jul 2015

The modern dance: 

Robert Bound and Tom Edwards meet Sven Hansen-Løve, one of the minds behind a new film about the French dance-music scene, ‘Eden’. They also chat economics with a Nobel Prize-winner Alvin Roth and discuss Ballet Folklórico de México with the company’s director Salvador López López.

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