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286 28 Dec 2014

Andrew Tuck and Rob Bound meet The Rolling Stones photographer Gered Mankowitz, talk to Ziauddin Sardar about his new book on Mecca and get Peter York’s New Year's Eve do’s and don’ts.

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285 21 Dec 2014

James Ferguson from London's Beagle restaurant explains the perfect Christmas dinner and Eden Collinsworth discusses her career as a publisher and etiquette expert. Plus: Taschen's Nina Wiener on Norman Mailer's coverage of John F Kennedy's presidential campaign.

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284 14 Dec 2014

Our original Sunday show is hosted by Robert Bound and Andrew Tuck, covering key interviews of the week and looking ahead to the next seven days.

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283 7 Dec 2014

Andrew Tuck and Tom Edwards meet Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andMe, to discuss the future of private medical provisions and there’s also a visit from one of Colombia’s most revered novelists, Tomás González. Plus, musicians Orphy Robinson and Paul Bradshaw assess John Coltrane's jazz masterpiece, A Love Supreme, 50 years since it was first recorded.

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282 30 Nov 2014

Tom Edwards and Andrew Tuck celebrate the radical nudes of Egon Schiele as they meet the curator behind an exhibition of his work. We also discover how the North Sea helped give rise to the modern world and talk great resignations with writer Matt Potter.

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281 23 Nov 2014

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound hear from the author of a new book putting psychoanalyst Sabina Spielrein in the limelight and meet Damon Murray to discuss Fuel's Russian criminal tattoo archive. Plus: photographer Abbie Trayler-Smith gives us a snapshot of her work.

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280 16 Nov 2014

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound meet advertising luminary and AMV co-founder Peter Mead as he explains why it pays to be nice in business. Plus: the 19th-century inventions that didn't change the world and an appreciation of Brazilian art.

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279 9 Nov 2014

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound look at the work of photography great Edward Steichen, learn from polyglot Gaston Dorren about the quirks and histories of European languages and hear from the co-founder of New York’s first operational whisky distillery since the prohibition era.

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278 2 Nov 2014

Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound meet the geographer and designer who have mapped London: The Information Capital. We also reflect on Art and Politics Now with author Dr Anthony Downey and hear about one Armenian-American writer's transformative journey to Turkey.

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277 26 Oct 2014

Tom Edwards and Robert Bound talk Sex on Earth with zoologist Jules Howard, hear from Neil McGinness – editor of Weekly World News, and discuss art and science with Dr. Daniel Glaser, director of the Science Gallery.

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276 19 Oct 2014

Award-winning photographer Davide Monteleone introduces his new exhibition and we meet the directors of new film The Possibilities are Endless, which explores musician Edwyn Collins’ rehabilitation following a stroke.

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275 12 Oct 2014

Andrew Tuck and Steve Bloomfield meet author Philip Marsden, who has written a book on why people feel so strongly about specific places and landscapes. We also discuss Encyclopedia Paranoiaca, a book that tries to list everything you should or could be afraid of and check the pulse of the Spanish culture scene.

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