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Kaikado Large Copper Tray

These beautiful copper trays are hand hammered and formed in Kaikado’s workshop in Kyoto.

Pump Up The Volume(s)

Purchase Monocle's first two publications together and make a handsome saving.

Super Stack

Purchase all three publications at once and make a handsome saving.

Revo Monocle 24 SuperConnect Radio

The new Revo Monocle 24 SuperConnect includes Bluetooth connectivity, internet and DAB radio, as well as a whole host of other features.

Monocle Stationery: Paperweight Set

These Monocle paperweights, made from natural oak and polished brass, were created by the magazine's design team and made in the UK.

Monocle 2014 Greeting-Card Set

This year we’ve teamed up again with Japanese illustrator Akira Sorimachi for these cards, suitable for sending your love and best wishes.

Hasamiyaki Small Mugs

These chic and sturdy Japanese-made mugs were originally ordered for our new Monocle Café in London.

Monocle Stationery: Pen Pot

Nothing holds your pens and pencils more elegantly than this Monocle-designed pen pot.

Monocle Accordion Document-Holder Set

After the success of the accordion notebook last year, Monocle is proud to present this document holder set.


Monocle 2014 Archive Boxes

Made in Germany, these boxes are the perfect place to keep important documents and feature a hidden compartment.

Map Of The World

The second edition of our popular world map print, from the skilled hand of Japanese illustrator Satoshi Hashimoto.


Little Gestalten collection: Alphabetics

Alphabetics is perfect to captivate and stimulate young minds with awesome alliteration and illuminating illustrations covering each of the alphabet’s 26 letters.


Little Gestalten collection: The One-Inch Boy

This classic Japanese fairy tale tells the beautiful story of Issun Bôshi, the tiny son of an old, long-childless couple. And, as in any proper fairy tale, Issun Bôshi is tested in several adventures. He handles himself so bravely that, in the end, he is rewarded with just the right princess.


Little Gestalten collection: The Zoo’s Grand Opening

Illustrated with loving attention to detail, The Zoo’s Grand Opening is ideal for pre-school children to playfully learn their ABCs, the names of animals and how to count.


Little Gestalten collection: Elsa and the Night

Can one make friends with the night? In this story, Elsa can! In a very poetic way, Elsa and the Night tell the story of an extraordinary friendship.

Monocle Stationery: Folder Set

Designed by the Monocle creative team and produced in Japan by stationery expert Mark's, the RE: Fined x Monocle collection comes with three A4 folders for you to organise your paperwork.

Monocle Classic Notebook

This A5 notebook features a forest green linen cover with gold-embossed Monocle logo.

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