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L 160


Let’s dance

In the depths of rural Italy, Orsolina28 is rethinking dance education. It’s a smart move.

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Espresso yourself

Enterprising Sicilian roasters are embracing a changing climate by growing their own coffee beans.

L 154


Blue-sky thinking

A compact modernist home in Portugal gets a new lease of life thanks to a smart renovation that honours its architectural heritage and coastal surroundings.

L 2022


Little wonder

The Maltese capital is the smallest in the EU but it packs a singular punch. With Arabic, Italian, English and French influences, its culture and history are unique and it seems to be on the brink of yet another renaissance…

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Hidden gem

The angled roof of this secluded Ligurian residence complements its wild surroundings and offers its owners a quiet coastal escape from the bustle of city life.

B 145


They have it licked

The owners of modest gelaterie can find themselves running businesses with the potential to become deliciously successful global brands. We look at three fresh players with the power to melt investors’ hearts and add spr…

L 4


Upwardly mobile

Don’t rule out lesser-celebrated cities as a base for your business. You need room to experiment and expand. And though the capital of Piedmont might have lain in the shadow of Milan, it is now proving to be a bright spot…

A 142


Brunello Cucinelli

Every month we ask leading figures to give their outlook on events, business and culture. Here we find out how a fashion entrepreneur made a successful global brand by paying people more, feeding them with local produce and…

D 141


No time to waste

Furniture-makers are waking up to the fact that there’s more to sustainability than product longevity. We visit the Lombardy base of B&B Italia to hear how the brand is pioneering eco-friendly materials and methods.

L 137


Made of stern stuff

The supremacy of the Italian design sector lies in its craftsmanship, use of fine materials and stylistic ingenuity. But our look at recent developments shows that it’s also an industry that knows how to innovate and evolve…

C 133


Frontline reporting

In Italy’s worst-hit region, a plucky local newspaper is a lifeline for many residents. We meet its editor to learn about the challenges of covering a pandemic.

D 133


New wave

Scattered among the dunes and beaches of a Portuguese coastal resort, a series of holiday homes capture the country’s golden age of modernist architecture.

C 128


On the right page

An independent publisher that’s been bringing northern European hits to Italian readers for decades is embarking on a new chapter.

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Wheels in motion

The Pirelli CEO has been kicking the company’s tyres for 25 years and has pushed for innovation to help outmanoeuvre its competitors. But he’s tough: ‘If you’re respected and not liked you have done your job.’

L 110


Delving deeper

Sigfrido Ranucci hosts Italy’s leading investigative news show. And with all that digging to be done, he needs a crack team.

L 105


Hot platters

The celebrated chef finds inspiration in the company of his 12,000-strong vinyl collection.

E 104


Pasta master

Although quintessentially Italian, pasta-makers are increasingly reliant on imported wheat. We meet the man shaping a more sustainable future for its production.


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