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Bubbling under

Speculation about the blasts that wrecked the Nord Stream gas pipelines has been rife. Is the truth about to surface?


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Human values

The Annex isn’t just a calm, warm environment where politicians work – it’s also Finnish to the core.

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Baltic revival

For decades, Estonia’s most talented chefs, growers and hospitality folk left their home country for greener pastures abroad. Today a fresh crop of entrepreneurs is putting down roots, offering new reasons for people to…

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High fibre

Finland has unexpectedly become a world leader in sustainable textile production, with companies pioneering new and sometimes secret technologies.

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On the cold front

In the rugged terrain of northern Norway, Nato is conducting one of the largest military drills in its history – and its first since Russia invaded Ukraine. As some 30,000 troops rehearse for war, we ask: what lies ahead…

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Positive influence

Prime minister Sanna Marin explains how Finland is setting an example for the rest of the world to follow.

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Gulf of expectation

The Gulf of Bothnia, a region comprising northeastern Sweden and western Finland, is one of the most vibrant business areas in the Nordics. From green energy to yacht-building, here’s why it’s a region to watch

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Design destination

In the first of a new series of journeys, we hit the road and head to the village of Noormarkku, western Finland, in search of superlative Finnish design.

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Fit for purpose

The Paimio Sanatorium has been saved by devoted fans of Alvar and Aino Aalto’s celebrated building. And now they hope to revive it as a place for health, healing and introspection.

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Full steam ahead

The Scandic Grand Central hotel is breathing new life into one of Finland’s most beloved buildings: Helsinki’s main railway station. With stunning design and a keen sense of history, there is no way that this one will hit…

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Finnish first

Hoping for a speedy bounce back to business? Or seeking a spot to start your next venture? Helsinki should be top of your list. The secret? It’s clever and conscientious, sure, but its success is wrapped up in its high…

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Off the map

Sometimes a sustainable solution is on the doorstep. We start our tour of domestic success stories in Lapland, where foreign visitors are absent but Finns are strapping on skis.

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03. Be prepared

In Finland, national security concerns more than just the military. That’s why the country has a dedicated invitation-only course that teaches CEOs, MPs and other decision-makers how to keep society functioning during a…

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30. Perfect pitch

An essential piece of kit for all budding Suomi soldiers, the Savotta sauna tent should be hot property for any civvy too.

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Art house

Communal living with like-minded folk can be a source of inspiration. And there’s no better example than Helsinki’s Lallukka, an artists’ residence nurturing global talent.

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Small wonder

Looking for an escape that feels a world away from the usual islands and crowded beaches? The autonomous Åland Islands between Finland and Sweden have great food, peerless shops and long days of sunshine.

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Great shape

Good design brings joy at a time when home comforts have never been more important – and Fiskars has been leading the way in innovation and functionality for centuries.


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