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Making moves

Good design keeps a city on the go. From bridge-builders to nifty mopeds, here are some of the most dynamic transport ideas.

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Lifestyle technique

Tokyo-based company Culture Convenience Club brings together quality of life and technology in Tsutaya Electrics. The well-designed shop displays hi-tech products alongside books, plants and plenty of comfy seats.

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Taps and tales

From toilets and baths to energy-efficient heating systems, the world’s biggest sanitation trade fair is where you’ll first see the technology that eventually makes it into our bathrooms. *Monocle* pays a visit.

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Bath time

The most anticipated date on the bathroom industry calendar is the ISH (International Sanitation Heating) fair in Frankfurt. Monocle was there to seek out the latest and the best in taps, sinks, baths and toilets.

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Robot college

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is Asia’s MIT or Cambridge, and determined to be as well-known. Its innovation – and robot humanoids – proves it to be worthy of the task.


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