Is this your perfect match? We name the best places to call home. From handsome to just a little bit gritty, a ranking of the world's Top 25 Cities in our Quality of Life Survey. Monocle Global Report


Design / Hotels

Beat the retreat

Racing ahead of health resorts that stand on ceremony when it comes to exercise regimes and what to eat, our retreat gives guests a happy mix of gym classes, nutritious food and the Old Town’s card players and cobbled…


Business / Urbanism

Built to plan

It isn’t as easy as some governments might suppose to build a metropolis from scratch with all the vibrancy of a city that has grown naturally. So here are three examples of cities from different periods of history that…


Affairs / Urbanism

Urban renewal

What makes a busy city tick along? Here we outline some simple improvements we’d like to see shaping our metropolises into more inclusive places to live, from winding roads to rotating benches.



Affairs /

x08 Essays

From architects and chefs to writers and directors, our contributors consider what draws them to their favourite cities and what quality of life means to them.


Affairs / Sport

Sports Expo

Sport and socialising are best combined. Monocle tried out three activities that value a friendly chat - and the odd beer - as highly as working up a sweat.


Affairs / Society

Take the lead

Every city needs a leader – a reliable ruler to rally troops and respond to demands – but when his or her duties include diving into murky sewers, catching venomous snakes or working through the night, it can be tricky to…


Edits / Society

Home runs

Whether it’s the hospitable feel of Madrid’s Conde Duque, the combination of old and new in Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek or the architectural assortment of Chapinero Alto in Bogotá, the opportunities presented by these three…

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