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The Pacific Shift

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The Menu

We hear about a new initiative that aims to bring life back to Paris’s restaurants after the terrorist attacks. We also get some tips for food-beer pairing from Stephen Beaumont. Plus: the best of South Tyrol’s wines.

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The Pacific Shift

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The Monocle Arts Review

Monocle contributor Claire Rigby reviews the latest exhibitions from Rio de Janeiro.

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The Pacific Shift

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The Stack

We discuss the men’s magazine market after the closure of publications such as ‘Details’. We also talk to an editor of a magazine about dogs. Plus: a self-publishing house in San Francisco and London.

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The Pacific Shift

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Section D

We shine a spotlight on the makers and companies doing things their own way. From Vienna to Melbourne, cushy hotel interiors to factories past and present, Monocle celebrates independence across the spectrum of design.

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The Pacific Shift

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The Globalist

As world leaders gather in Paris for the climate change conference, we ask what they aim to achieve. Plus, is the political strife in Burkina Faso set for some stabilisation at long last? We also leaf through some newspapers and check out the day’s big news in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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The Continental Shift

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The Foreign Desk

Former European Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard and Jennifer Morgan from the World Resources Institute discuss the United Nations Climate Change Conference. The last time world leaders gathered to try to solve the problem of climate change – in Copenhagen in 2009 – it ended in failure. But as they prepare to meet again in Paris, hope is in the air.

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The Entrepreneurs

We meet James Beshara, founder and CEO of Tilt, a crowdfunding service that’s sweeping across campuses and social circles around the world. Soheb Panja and Jeff Taylor also pop by to share the business model of their media brand ‘Courier’, a London-based quarterly publication covering stories of modern business. Plus: Geoff Mulgan from Nesta explains why most meetings are unproductive and gives his top tips for making them better.

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The Ten

A fast-paced daily news-and-views show packed with insight and opinion from Monocle's editors, live in our Midori House studios, from our global bureaux and on the road. Snappy analysis of the headlines and a glance at some offbeat stories you might have missed, guaranteed every weekday.

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The Continental Shift

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The Monocle Arts Review

Monocle contributor Claire Rigby reviews the latest exhibitions from Rio de Janeiro.

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The Continental Shift

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The Briefing

Two weeks of negotiations are ahead for more than 100 world leaders in Paris as they discuss climate change. Could the recent attacks affect the outcome? Plus, the EU strikes a multi-billion euro deal with Turkey to curb the flow of refugees. And Disney bets big on Star Wars but is it at the expense of its floundering 24-hour sports network?

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The Continental Shift

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The Bulletin with UBS

We preview Art Basel Miami Beach 2015. We’ll be taking the temperature of the market, considering the macroeconomics of investing in art and asking a few experts and editors from UBS and the wider art world what they are most excited about ahead of this year’s edition.

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The Urbanist

As the world remains on edge following the events in Paris on 13 November, we decided to take a step back to see how continuing with the Parisian way of life is the best way to fight terrorism. In the end Paris will remain just as it is – a testimony to freedom, culture and passion.

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The Atlantic Shift

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The Sessions at Midori House

We listen to a live acoustic session from electro-soul singer and producer Jamie Woon, who’s in the studio playing tracks from his brand new album, ‘Making Time’.

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The Voyager

From the glamour of pre-war Shanghai to the ambition and extreme wealth of what is China's biggest city, Monocle's Justin Bergman explores what Shanghai has to offer. Monocle's editors and correspondents are your guide to the world's most exciting and dynamic emerging cities. Each week Monocle 24's new travel programme takes you beyond a great city's tourist traps and well-known spots to give you an insider's view of the very best in hospitality, culture, business and design.

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The Atlantic Shift

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The Big Interview

Steve Bloomfield sits down with one of the world’s greatest and most interesting architects, Daniel Libeskind. Perhaps best known for the Jewish Museum in Berlin and for being master planner for New York’s Ground Zero, Libeskind discusses the state of the world, optimism and the place he calls home.

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The Atlantic Shift

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Midori House

Join Monocle’s editors and guests drawn from our unrivalled pool of international commentators, analysts and experts to unpack the issues dominating the day’s agenda. From diplomatic wrangles and border disputes to big business and frontline politics, this is the programme you need to hear to make sense of a dynamic and sometimes volatile world.

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The Atlantic Shift

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Culture with Rob Bound

Rob Bound is joined by Will Hodgkinson, rock and pop critic for ‘The Times’, Laura Snapes, senior editor at ‘The Pitchfork Review’ and broadcaster Nick Luscombe to talk through the artists and albums they’re all excited about for 2016. Plus we head to Honest Jon’s and Rough Trade record shops in London and New York for some festive picks and potential stocking fillers.

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The Atlantic Shift

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The Monocle Daily

Sets the agenda in Asia and considers what’s been dominating the day in Europe and North America. The programme is sometimes co-hosted out of our Toronto and New York bureaux and features regular interviews with special guests both there and across the Americas, as well as experts and analysts at our studios in London.

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The Pacific Shift


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