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Essential listening for anyone who cares about what they read – and how they read it. The Stack is Monocle’s take on the world of print, focusing on everything from the glossiest fashion title to the grittiest newspaper.

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Turning pages in Brazil: Touching down in Brazil, we take a closer look at what makes the country’s voracious readers leaf through their favourite magazines. Plus: as the Olympic Games draw closer, we ask how the nation’s daily newspapers are covering the difficulties the country is facing today.

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1806 Feb 2016

Turning pages in Brazil: 

Touching down in Brazil, we take a closer look at what makes the country’s voracious readers leaf through their favourite magazines. Plus: as the Olympic Games draw closer, we ask how the nation’s daily newspapers are covering the difficulties the country is facing today.

17930 Jan 2016

Lucia van der Post: 

When we leaf through the pages of the world’s most luxurious publications, what is it about the images and words that captivates and enthralls us? Lucia van der Post joins Tyler Brûlé to reflect on the state of today’s broadsheets and look through the glossy pages of the world’s finest luxury magazines.

17823 Jan 2016

The fashion pages: 

From the industry staples to the grand dames of consumer fashion, we’re peeling back the covers of fashion publishing. Plus: as pioneering Australian title ‘Cleo’ bids us farewell, we consider what makes the modern fashion magazine and ask why some fail to make the cut.

17716 Jan 2016

How the mighty fall: 

With news that ‘The New Republic’ is for sale once again, we look at the wider picture of the media landscape in Washington and New York. Joe Pompeo, senior reporter at ‘Politico Media’, joins Ben Rylan to discuss some once-mighty titles that have seen their influence evaporate. Plus: we delve into the history of one of the world’s most influential and often forgotten newspapers, ‘The New York World’.

1769 Jan 2016

China's watchful eye: 

How do you run a serious newspaper in China? Jonathan Fenby, former editor of the ‘South China Morning Post’, joins the programme to recount his experiences operating an ambitious news organisation in an often oppressive environment. Then, crossing to our Hong Kong bureau, the co-director of the ‘Hong Kong Free Press’ tells us how local media is reacting to a string of disappearances in the city's publishing community.

1752 Jan 2016

Talking to the editors: 

Mexico’s Eduardo Rabasa of ‘Editorial Sexto Piso’ believes that his region is one to watch in 2016. We also head to Vienna to meet Rita Vitorelli who is the editor of ‘Spike’, a publication that aims to capture the essence of the city’s art scene. Plus: lifestyle and current affairs with a dash of Italian style, courtesy of Federico Sarica’s ‘Studio’.

17426 Dec 2015

Best of 2015: 

In this special edition of The Stack we look back at some of the best interviews on the show this year. We recap the first episode in September with a live audience in London and recall meeting guests including Ian Birch and Gert Jonkers. We also replay our time at the Frankfurt Book Fair and remember our talk with Australian leading magazine food editor Donna Hay. Plus: a review of the best Japanese titles.

17319 Dec 2015

Premium titles: 

On this week’s show we discuss the divide between the weeklies and premium titles. Plus: a look at ‘Too Much’, a magazine based in Tokyo, and Austrian magazine ‘A Priori’.

17212 Dec 2015

State of the industry: 

We’re jumping into the numbers with Bloomberg Intelligence for a long-form look at 2015. Some once-mighty titles disappeared from newsstand shelves, as so-called lad’s magazines struggled to remain relevant. And yet those with a better-defined brand presence persevered. Plus, is small-scale publishing finally about to flourish?

1715 Dec 2015

Live at the Monocle Christmas Market: 

Tyler Brûlé clears a space between Santa Claus and his reindeer to host a special edition of The Stack live from the Monocle Christmas Market. Hear from Monocle’s editors and friends as they discuss their seasonal favourites and preferred periodicals against a backdrop of festive fun at Midori House.

17028 Nov 2015

Media players: 

We discuss the men’s magazine market after the closure of publications such as ‘Details’. We also talk to an editor of a magazine about dogs.

16921 Nov 2015

Defining image: 

One week on from the horrific events in Paris, we look back at how print media covered the attacks. Photographer Zed Nelson joins Tyler Brûlé and Andrew Tuck as they delve deeper in the broadsheets and ask why this time there seems to be a lack of a single defining image.

16814 Nov 2015

The modern news weekly: 

We’re tracking down that elusive quality that makes today’s news magazine. Tyler Brûlé is joined by France 24’s Bénédicte Paviot to discuss whether the weeklies are still the defining beacons they once were. Plus: a quick dash to Belgium to hear from a Flemish magazine that’s expanding its readership – despite hitting newsstands just four times a year.

1677 Nov 2015

The Modern Magazine conference: 

This week we cover The Modern Magazine conference in London and discuss the challenges of taking a magazine onto the airwaves. Plus: we look at the state of newsstands in Spain.

16631 Oct 2015

Newspapers in journalism: 

This week on The Stack we welcome Caroline Daniel, ‘FT Weekend’ editor, to talk about a newspaper’s role in journalism. We also discuss the recent difficulties in the ‘Los Angeles Times’ newsroom and talk with Michelle Griffin from ‘The Age’ newspaper.

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