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Monocle ceramic plate set by Kihara

Discovered by Monocle’s design team, this plate set is made of high-quality Japanese porcelain by well-known specialist Kihara.

Kaikado Large Copper Tray

These beautiful copper trays are hand hammered and formed in Kaikado’s workshop in Kyoto.

Hasamiyaki Large Mugs

Hasamiyaki is an iconic Japanese household brand producing high quality and beautiful ceramic products.

Monocle: Brass Bookend

To improve the organisation and symmetry of your office we have developed this smart bookend.

Monocle: Brass candleholder set

This set of two candleholders is, like our paperweights and pen pot, made from natural oak and polished brass.

Hasamiyaki Small Mugs

These chic and sturdy Japanese-made mugs were originally ordered for our new Monocle Café in London.

LUM Roll Bin

This roll bin is made of a single piece of birch plywood, ensuring a sophisticated receptacle for disposing of waste paper. Perfect for your home or office.


Cuckoo White Teapot Set

Made with eco-friendly materials this teapot set by Cuckoo is both beautiful and functional - the lid doubles up as a cup.

Geografia Sectional Globe

This paper globe is a perfect tool for you and the youngster to colour in the places you’ve visited while also learning about the earth’s structure.


Skultuna Tealight Set

Skultuna introduces its silver collection, including this tealight set complete with three different shapes.

Daneson Toothpicks

Made from North-American sourced Northern White Birch, each toothpick features a liberal dose of essential oils.


Discipline Small Gemma Box

Monocle teamed up with Discipline to reintroduce these signature wooden boxes with magnetic lids – perfect for desk or dressing table.

Ettinger Collapsible Leather Tray

These beautiful travel trays are made by our beloved leather specialist Ettinger. In an instant, handy place to keep your coins, room key and phones.

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Knitted Monochan

Monocle’s trusty feathered mascot Monochan has been brought to life – in wool, at least. The Monocle collector’s item of the year.


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Knitted Sheep

To keep Monochan company, Knitted Sheep is another product of Monocle’s tie-up with Irish textile designer Claire-Anne O’Brien.

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Ettinger Small Leather Photo Frame

Monocle has collaborated with British leather maker Ettinger this winter to create these elegant leather photo frames.

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Ettinger Large Leather Photo Frame

Each frame is double folded, with a suede interior designed to protect your photographs forever.

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